Monday, May 11, 2015

In dire need of strong arms

                                                                                          Attribution: Vampire-Zombie
Image: "Catching the Rain" Picture prompt
Courtesy of MLMM  (here)

The 11 of 12 given words:
screw bristle bombinate (to make a humming or buzzing
noise) classic slant impinge dire tunnel vellichor (the strange
wistfulness of used bookstores) intricate corduroy

Her life was all screwed up
It was all bristles pricking her heart
Loving words fondly bombinated
in her ears

The classic 'I love you'
though slanted in many forms
but still extending the same meaning
sounding so faintly
impinged on her senses

In dire need of strong arms
to hug her in that warm embrace
and floating on air
in the beautiful tunnel of love
she yearned for him

But why was she hiding away
submerged in the cold
trying to keep her head
above water just so she
could breathe and live

Water smelling like vellichor muck
that occasionally lulled her
into intricate distractions
made her mad

She still had feelings for him
with memories of that hunk
in light corduroy
still playing in her mind

It was not too long ago
they shouted with joy on
seeing their names many times
on the Dean's List

To think a dumb blonde came
between them now!

For Yves' MLMM's  Wordle #60 plus
Neeraj's the Photo Challenge #60 and
Marian's hosting of Tuesday
Platform at Real Toads


  1. This was an excellently written poem Hank , a joy to read.


  2. This was a very powerful emotional piece, perfect with the image and a really excellent use of the words


  3. a broken heart is hard to heal

    PS " Today I learnt a new word " vellichor!

  4. Such a powerful and emotive piece..! You have captured the feelings of a broken heart quite strongly..!

  5. Those dumb blondes aren't always more fun lol

  6. You've written this so well! I like poems that tell a story. :)

  7. What a story.. to have that blonde coming between.

  8. Vellichor! And Blonde! Watch out!

  9. I love the tunnel of love image. Sometimes you gotta just sink or swim. You had me hating that blonde.

  10. Love can be a double edge sword as they say. You have captured the true emotion of it here.