Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Perseverance unwittingly works!

                                                                                                      Attribution Paulix8
Image: Birds and Cages (here)

Sitting there all forlorn
Still as an old pillar box
but its plumage glistens
more so when it moves

Sadly the perch is barely
a few inches to allow that
much freedom of movement

It is no bother it still moves
like the grandfather clock's
forward and back but sans
sound of the tick-tocks

Perhaps there will be sounds
if the pace is quickened

That will be fun
Will give it a try

Hey, this is fun!
The cage is shaking

Like a rickety bone-shaker
Faster, faster,faster

Snap! What's that sound
What do you know.
It is open!
The cage 'door' is open!

Away it flew like an inmate
scrambling out of a jail-cell

This is freedom!
Perseverance unwittingly works!

Note: Writing an everyday poetry. This is just
one lucky episode that happened one day

For MLMM's Photo Challenge # 62 and
Gabriella's hosting at d'Verse  - everyday poetry - poetics


  1. You have to feel sorry for the birds which live in cages and applaud when finally they can fly " like an inmate / scrambling out of a jail-cell."

  2. loved the line of the grandfather's clock... intense read

  3. Can only imagine how they feel when freedom comes due and away they flew

  4. Like Gabriella, I feel sorry for birds in cages....never knowing the feeling of freedom.

  5. Love this:
    "it still moves
    like the grandfather clock's
    forward and back but sans
    sound of the tick-tocks"

  6. I am glad the door opened. Excellent write about captivity of all types. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  7. Perseverence does work, for those that stay at it. Particularly for those seeking freedom from some kind of restraint. Good evening Sir Hank.

  8. This is freedom!
    Perseverance unwittingly works!

    This ending really was brilliant..I image freedom sent them flying..

  9. This is wonderful--I love to write about birds in, or freed from, cages.

  10. A smart bird indeed... I really feel sad for birds in cage so I would say hurrah.. ;-)

  11. Ah.. yes.. the handcuffs in arms of bird and cage..
    where left arm is bird of free..
    and right arm is cage of prison..
    Ah.. how these metaphors
    do come in fruition for
    right-brain and
    left-brain converse
    hands of living..:)

  12. The best thing in this world is freedom.

  13. What a beautiful way to be released into freedom's arms :)

  14. freedom is joy indeed...most of the time souls in captivity snatch it with might...good for them...nice lines Hank :)

  15. Great poem to match to pic.
    I was looking for where this matched your everyday life though --
    The tattoo was fascinating.

  16. Birds in cages, dogs on a chain or in a kennel, cats kept in apartments that are never let outside, animals in the zoo--yes, we love our pets, & want to keep them safe, & yet I have a friend in Florida who has parrots, & she set up an entire bedroom as an aviary, which does attempt to accommodate.

  17. oh i'm glad it managed to escape... what a sad life to live behind closed doors..

  18. Not knowing freedom would be awful. Glad it escaped

  19. I was rooting for that poor caged bird. So glad he made his escape. Peace, Linda