Monday, May 25, 2015

To browse the reversed view of colors!

                                                                                 Attribution: Frank Vincentz (GFDL)
Image: Shop Display of Choice Jeans (here)

MLMM's 10 of 12 given words:
bedraggled browse reverse jeans tweak knuckles
truculent (fierce; cruel; savagely brutal)
stria (narrow stripe,of parallel arrangement)
slack pewter

She came in fierce with a vengeance
Hugging her tightly around the hips
Beyond repair and out of fashion
Bedraggled repulsive in she sneaked

To browse the reversed view of colors
Not of loose pants but jeans sexy jeans
Not the usual blue jeans she now abhorred
Perhaps one that tweaked like pink

She knocked her knuckles to make it fast
Perhaps truculent red brutal for impact
Hard to decide but it should not be a laugh
Certainly not a stria striped kind of slacks

Must be tight-fitting to accentuate the lines
Pewter or steel buttons not a preference
Drive them crazy was how to stay relevant
Flaming red tallied with her conscience

For Georgia's hosting at MLMM's Wordle #62 nd
Marian's Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


  1. Interesting word to end on

    ( '>

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  2. Different colours, different moods, different styles.....................

  3. This is truly spectacular :D enjoyed every work of this beautiful piece :D

  4. interesting take on the different colors

  5. I love the staccato of the words and how this came together. Really fun!

  6. Who needs blue jeans when you can tweak the colors haha fun one

  7. This is awesome! I love it. The bright colors in the picture definitely grabbed my attention as soon as I opened the page.

    Great sound throughout; I enjoyed it.

  8. Ah, but then the dressing room mirror intervenes!

  9. Nice one. we have seen the colours from all views

    Much love...

  10. Ahh to escape a past reality by simply putting on new pants :D What fun!

  11. Colors and clothes certainly effect our moods and the fit of a jean can make one look slovenly or sexy. Vivacious writing Hank XD


  12. Haha! I love this. Oh clothes shopping, how I loathe thee, and will keep this ditty in mind to make next time brighter. :)

  13. I'll never look at jeans the same again. Must try red :)

  14. Tweakin the pink!! I most certainly couldn't pull that off! Thank goodness for black.. ;)