Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gregarious in their dealings

                                                                                 Attribution: JohnDoe0007
Image: A dealer button next to a deck of cards (here)

They were startled
dead in their tracks
They had the gumption
to put their foot across
It was a near discovery but
their finesse was exemplary
The gullible beware!

Gracious in their outlook
Gregarious in their dealings
Manifested themselves
in manifold routines
The gullible beware!

But any semblance
of sensation
or embarrassment
were ably avoided
Surreptitiously helpful
low-keyed by nature
Their activities were
sheathed shielded
and shrewd

Intended victims
could have
been alerted
as there were some
careless moves
But not to be!

Their nefarious jaunts
could now have been
known but it was not
common knowledge
But they were still lethal
in their own ways

Seemingly sedated
The gullible beware!

For Mary's hosting at PU's #251
Poetry Pantry 


  1. Well, that's an interesting one. In reading it I particularly noticed your frequent use of longer, multi-syllable words. Not sure how I feel about that. Sometimes the wrong long word can weaken a poem, but am not sure that happened here. I think I need to read the poem again to see if it grows on me.

    1. Thanks for the tip Nissa! I hope to make improvements to the style.


  2. Sometimes the wool can be pulled over ones eyes long enough for them to pull of their schemes

  3. Those gullible beware.. Indeed there are those thriving on the weakest.. Chilling really,

  4. The gullible are the first targets

  5. The repetition of 'the gullible beware' makes a strong point, Hank!

  6. Yes, "the gullible beware"..........quick way to lose money!

  7. i specially like these lines..."Their activities were / sheathed shielded / and shrewd" so the warning is a must...a nice one Hank :)

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  9. You make a good point. Though I think, we must all be vigilant, these days. All around us are activities sheathed shielded and shrewd ... and many, many people looking for opportunities to get something for nothing.

  10. Gambling is always a challenge. LOL, sometimes I even think everything is pre-programmed in casinos for example.

    But true, gullibe beware - not only in dealing with dealers but also in dealing with life.

  11. Oh we can be gullible led like sheep...I enjoyed the tongue twisting words...

    'Their activities were
    sheathed shielded
    and shrewd'

  12. Sadly the gullible are not aware, that is why they are gullible. In most games of chance the odds are normally against you.

  13. Indeed, the troubles are only "seemingly sedated." I love how your alliterations are in word groupings which have sly meanings in relationship with each other. My favorite is the Gs: gumption, gullible, gregarious, gracious. Glorious!

  14. Most interesting to read and a good write Hank.

  15. Oh yes the gullible should be ware--and aware. You make a strong point here.

  16. Seemingly sedated we all expect to win...
    Anna :o]

  17. Yes..we often leave ourselves open to trickery and exploitation..