Thursday, February 26, 2015

Women’s yearnings for beauty (YH#3)

                                                                           Attribution: Yusuf Hashim
This is Modern Day Explorer #3
Modern Day Explorer #2 (here)

Yusuf Hashim says:
A Moroccon lady hand squeezing the rare Argan oil which are used as an effective beauty oil treatment for ladies. It seems it is an all rounder in the beauty oils department. Keeps your skin smooth and no need for botox injections 

Latest: Yusuf Hashim is planning another trip to Morocco this month of May
Check it out  (here)

Wiki says:
To extract the kernels, workers first dry argan fruit in the open air and then remove the fleshy pulp. The next stage involves cracking the argan nut to obtain the argan kernels. Attempts to mechanize this process have been unsuccessful, so workers still do it by hand—making it a time-consuming, labour-intensive process. Berber women often engage in this arduous task.
Workers gently roast kernels they will use to make culinary argan oil. After the argan kernels cool, workers grind and press them. The brown-colored mash expels pure, unfiltered argan oil. Finally, they decant unfiltered argan oil into vessels.

Cosmetic argan oil is produced almost identically, though the argan kernels are not roasted to avoid an excessively nutty scent  -  Wiki

Hank's Haiku

Timeless Berber folks
Time is measured in a thin 
line on a cat’s back  -   (Claudia)

Unlikely product
Women’s yearnings for beauty
Affects village life

Cracks in our mask
Keeping illusions complete  - (Brian)
Beauty has a price

Note: Claudia suggests to utilize extracts of  lines 
in a poem from herself or Brian to create a poem. 
Hank took on from both

For Claudia's hosting at d'Verse


  1. i think the quest for beauty can sell us cheap..
    and it is interesting to think how that might affect the village...or her village
    which to me reads her family....

  2. Hank, I like how you took a line from both Brian and Claudia. Beauty does sell, but I wonder about the broken beauty inside.

  3. a fascinating process!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  4. Very creative use of the prompt! Reminds me of the title of that brilliant book by Katherine Boo about slum life in Mumbai: 'Behind the Beatiful Forevers', so named because the shanty town she describes is behind billboards advertising beauty products.

  5. What a great use of the lines Hank, and what hard labour for those precious drops.

  6. Nicely woven into haiku, developing the theme.

  7. I like the way you have used the lines, Hank. I like the third one & 'beauty has a price.' Yes, it does. And like Truedessa I wonder about the broken beauty inside..

  8. It sells everything going, but doesn't mean they are very nice people. Sometimes just out to make a buck

  9. def. beauty has a price - and sometimes people are willing to pay a lot for it...sometimes more than they can afford...

  10. A very tedious process for that oil beauty ~ Enjoyed the snapshot and haiku Hank ~

    Thanks to your friend for the photography ~

  11. Great picture, but beauty is only skin deep, there is much hurt inside many people,
    A great Verse.

  12. I'll never look at shampoo with argan oil the same again after reading this!

  13. so true, reminds me of another line from Brian's poem -
    i need no reminder
    the cost.

    and all these items everywhere are reminders...

  14. Everything comes for a price, isn't it?

  15. Yours was a unique topic and poem using C&B's lines. Well done, this poem was pithy, incisive, and clever.

  16. ... and in the end it's the inner being we are stuck with

  17. you know women well :) I think this was a beautiful haiku and you took on Claudia and Brian well

  18. How nicely you incorporated Claudia and Brian's lines. Great job!

  19. What's so interesting, aside from the beautiful portrait of the village woman surrounded by beautiful handwoven baskets and as she extracts the argon oil, is the way that different cultures make use of the different products they have on hand but also the fact that for all women, no matter where we are, we value beauty and we all want to feel good about ourselves. Here we have it easy.. Heaven forbid I run out of mascara.. The store is just a few minutes away.. Short drive and a couple bucks later and I'm back in business but it's just not that easy for some and that's very humbling. These villagers make use of what they have on hand and most of the time, they rely on natural oils and herbs and homemade remedies. They live very simply but so much work goes into making themselves feel beautiful and that's probably the most purest and natural way to go.. I love the morrocan portrait and the morrocan haiku. I'm also a fan of the argon oils as well as arnica oils which are produced by the arnica flower. Love what you've done here!