Sunday, February 8, 2015

Star-Lord swung into action!

                                                                                                          Attribution: Norman Hazrin
Sketch of Star-Lord: 
Done by Hank’s grandson, Norman. Looking at the sketch 
Norman could have detected that it was not balanced. He by 
instinct must have included a quadrant on the right-hand 
corner to correct the defect, not quite but just.

Star-Lord aka Peter Jason Quill
A fictional character, a superhero appearing in comic books
published by Marvel Comics. Created by Steve Englehart and
Steve Gan, the character first appeared in Marvel Preview #4
(Jan. 1976). The son of a human mother and alien father,
Quill assumes the mantle of Star-Lord, an interplanetary
policeman  -  Wiki

The given words:
burst emit fleece fill sound clown tumble
instill seal wound glass another

A stab of high powered fire-power
appeared out of nowhere
A burst emitting noxious fumes
with a blinding flash

The townspeople had been fleeced dry
But they were still expected to fill the coffers
of the ugly bully who demanded payment
His henchmen sent yet a repeat
Fumes filled the air
amid staccato sounds of gun-fire

No more clowning
Star-Lord swung into action
He tumbled out into the open
He ought to instill discipline
His resolve was set
Just one rapid fire from his bazooka
Sealed the fate of the bully’s men
The dying and wounded laid moaning
amid shrapnels of glass and acrid smoke

Made short work of his intentions
Just another day of action
Law and order triumphed 

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl wordle # 198 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry # 238


  1. never heard of him but i love a hero who fights for what is just.... nice sketch as well... and you know...the older i get, the less i need to have things balanced... smiles... maybe that's just me... happy sunday hank

  2. A superhero does what a superhero does best.. Getting rid of those villains.

  3. nice...i love guardians....and he is a cool hero...its fun that they are who they are...not always the best motives. but they feel a bit more real than the always good guys...

  4. I love that you are able to play and enter this world your grandson must so adore..and it's a great sketch by the way!

  5. Star Lord triumphs again!
    Your grandson did a good job with the drawing.

  6. Everyone needs a superhero, Hank!

    Marilyn x

  7. Your grandson is really a good artist, Hank. I sense he takes after you. Hope we will see some of your art again. As for the poem, what an adventure....but good triumphs in the end.

  8. He did a great job with the drawing. Star lord is great indeed, winning out in the end, even with some faults

  9. Just another day at the 'office.'

  10. I am glad that law & order won for the day ~ Good drawing too by your grandson Hank ~


  11. The perfect conclusion to a superhero tale!

  12. I bet your grandson LOVES this!

  13. A wonderful poem to accompany your grandson's very well-done sketch. A double treat in here this morning!

  14. This is a wonderful poem, Hank. I also love your grandson's artwork.


  15. You are such a nice Grandpa. My grandchildren insists, on me, for "Secret Headquarters Stories" :-)

  16. I like the sketch Hank--there is something wonderful about superheroes--and how our children love them

  17. I think he did a great job with the sketch..and it is good when heroes win. An action packed poem Hank..

  18. Love the superhero action in this response to the prompt!!

  19. we can always use more heroes...liked the sketch too!

  20. Thank you for introducing me to Star Lord. (I love his name.) You did a great job of elaborating on the sketch and incorporating the words.

  21. Star Lord is a true hero...loved the sketch..

  22. I love superheroes.. and that sketch.. it reminds me back in time when i was so li'l... i used to draw a lot of superhero characters... i remember i once came up a comic strip entitled "The Mighty Kids"... they were composed of three members: Blue Kid ranger, Red Kid ranger & Pink kid Ranger... what fun... These three kid rangers were set to fight against the evil will of Medussa & Shadowman... ha...I wish i know where I lost that set of comic strips... i'd def be glad to find it again & reread the whole plot... Smiles. Enjoyed your poem today &bonus illustration by Norman...

    - ksm

  23. Did you just say... you have a grandson? But you look like, you know, 25! (That iSSSSSSSSSSSSSS a compliment!)

    Great drawing.

  24. LOVE that sketch! Someone is a true artist!

  25. Your grandson is a good sketch artist. He must love your poem about his favorite super-hero.

  26. Read a lot of comic books as a teenager, still look at the superheros on TV

    Have a good week, happen you dropped by My Sunday Lime

    Much love...

  27. Haha great Star-lord poem. Fits the Guardians of the Galaxy very well.

  28. Boys' things...wars, but the artist becomes the hero too, right? Great sketch! Hurray to you and your grandson!

  29. Really like the joint effort here between you and your grandson. No matter how old we get, we still need heroes that step in to balance the scales of justice. They give us hope.


  30. What a cute sketch by your grandson! Kids love superheroes. Law and order thriumph indeed when superheroes show up! Smiles :)

  31. Your grandson has got the talent in art, which you could make use of for this poem. Nice! :)