Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Adverse conditions will impinge adversely

                                                                                          Attribution: Anna Kucsma
Image: Snow on Trees (here)

3WW given words:
desire  shiver  wilt

Desire to do good is a journey of fulfillment
It takes a long while just to create awareness
let alone to achieve some kind of success
In an environment of heavy snow weighing
on the branches one can expect divergent opinions as
visibility is scant and the cold is debilitating
adverse conditions will impinge adversely

How does one measure up to the intended target
so that a designated path is carved out
To plan is to play host to one’s ideals
opening up to the shivers of intrusion
for one’s inclination is often questioned
It is not so much to ridicule but more of wanting to understand

For this same reason is the necessity of making it known
The ultimate aim will conjure a picture of the likely pattern
in every participants’ imagination of difficulties to surmount
It can help if a visual adaptation is presented
This will impose the responsibility on those leading the show
to give a good briefing with lots of multi-media components
It can bring divergent assumptions to a realistic assessment

Good leadership is essential to avoid wilting under pressure
The journey’s end is the satisfaction gained with no expectations
of monetary implications hidden within

Only then the satisfaction is fulfilled

For Marina's hosting at d'Verse with  - snowed under iced in 
Thomg's at 3WW # 413 with the given words and
Mary's at Poetry Jam  -  journey


  1. Wow, when you wrapped it up with that line about good leadership, the whole thing came together!
    For me anyway.
    I'm a little slow when it comes to smart poetry.

    1. Now, now, Alex sir! I tend to disbelief the latter assertion! Thanks!


  2. Yes.. a marketing plan with poetry.. target audience in mind.. effective visual presentation of communication to remove the adversity of snow weighted minds.. to clarity of understanding.. the message intended to sell what is intended.. with no concern of financial gain.. the poetry of marketing altruism.. is truly a fine tuned

  3. Have to stay strong under pressure and that will sure see you to the end.

  4. Yes good leadership is an essential to make progress in this complex world of ours--especially if one wants to do good. And interesting journey indeed.

  5. I agree in that the final stanza really brings this home nicely...good leadership is needed...and we need not feel like we are facing it alone either (extending that metaphor)....

  6. Good leadership is vital to the progress of our world and of mankind in general. Great job Hank.

  7. You've made good points, Hank!

  8. This took me to all my years spent in sales and marketing training. A very interesting read indeed!

  9. the satisfaction...yes !!

  10. absolutely money cannot buy us the things we truly need

  11. That last stanza brings it so well together.. only then will we succeed

  12. We don't know what were are capable of until it occurs

  13. This is quite thought provoking, Hank! Enjoyed it ....

  14. Ah, you must know of my predilection of making fun of the corporate world... love the way you subverted corporate speak with snow imagery. As for the adverse conditions impinging adversely... a genius of overstatement and redundancy!

  15. n any goal setting, we should always plan for adverse situations ~ For sometimes, nothing goes on as planned ~

  16. Ah, love your poem and Verse 2 captures my interest even more than the rest of it, enjoyed

    Thanks for stopping over to read mine

    Much love...

  17. that really sais so nuch very nice

  18. You wrapped thoughts so full...

  19. Hank,

    The journey through life can bring many emotions, expectations, trials and indeed, rewards. Along the way, one can only give what is possible of oneself, to the various tasks...The road can be easy, or bumpy...I know that already!!
    Superb example of living and life, along the road!!


  20. Loved the opening line of this piece, Hank . . . very wise.

  21. Hope "satisfaction is fulfilled" for all, Hank!
    Nicely written for so many prompts :)

  22. "It takes a long while just to create awareness
    let alone to achieve some kind of success"

    How true!