Monday, February 16, 2015

Pebbles strewn along the track

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag (here)

Wordle #199, the given words:
angel cue crack empty wrestle held
memory acts pebbles track saintly 

Angel in disguise waiting for a cue
To crack empty promises
To wrestle off images
Held in memory of acts of betrayal

Pebbles strewn along the track
Often led them on a wild goose chase
Unwittingly causing impediments
Slowing to  a saintly progress

But mindful not to breathe a word
Broken leg accepted
As long as secrets were not spilled out
Sanctity of oath upheld

Justice came swift and silent
A mild reminder a severed ear
Or unseen pulled off finger nails
But more grisly trussed into oil drums
Perhaps found years after
A body in concrete

A consolation though
Heard say victims given freedom
To choose how best they wished
to be discovered later
when left for dead

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl Wordle # 199
And Tess' Magpie Tales # 258


  1. You have fabulous gravity. Your lines oft fall with such self evident authority, bringing pleasure.

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Small consolation, but then, they did choose to betray.

  3. i would be happy with some swift silent judgement....
    though the thought of torture is rather heartbreaking...
    dont think i would choose that...ha

  4. Not sure a severed ear would be how I'd want to be found lol

  5. I love your title, Hank, and the poem does not disappoint. Well written, twisted even. Strong work.

  6. Grisly good. Sooner or later all secrets come out.

  7. Would any choose to be found alive?

  8. WOW Hank you certainly used those given words to your advantage,

  9. Renarkable what a story you were able to tell with that collection of words. Well done.

  10. what a story...:)

  11. some painful consequences to breaking that oath..yikes..

  12. Oh my goodness, Hank!

    ~ Misky

  13. the casualness of the title, compares starkly to the depth of emotions and action in your narrative; a good write indeed

    Thanks for dropping in to read my response at Lunchbreak

    i wish to invite you also to Monday WRites where the linky starts on a Monday and stays open 7 days, hope to see you there

    much love...

  14. Poignant words. Nice when we have a choice...
    Well expressed.

  15. Justice always has a way of coming to light, even if it's concrete miles away. Clever work with such artful prose by that incredible list, well done.

  16. An incredibly atmospheric piece which completely captured me. Excellent.

  17. Wordles are not the easiest things to create but you incorporated this wonderfully.

  18. Nice, gory wordle...enjoyed it!

  19. What a great job! The mixing of prompts sounds kool! I think I may try it for fun sometime.

  20. Reminds me of the walking dead, the whole atmosphere there with all the secrets and lies and dead bodies and throwing pebbles down the track, looking for good and shelter and not really knowing if it's out there.. Very very thought provoking!!

  21. What a sinister tale.. the end really made me feel a little sick..

  22. wow!! you did a great job mixinb both the prompts!! Alas my mind dint work well!! i wanted to combine them both too! could never get it right!! i loved your poem thoroughly!