Saturday, February 21, 2015

Little creatures do not bite!

                                                                                                Attribution: Panoshaf
Image: Honey Bee making its rounds (here)

Nothing the matter
Little creatures do not bite
Not unless provoked

Just leave them alone
Give them space without border
To do their own thing

Beautiful flowers
Opening up to the sky
Invaders welcomed

Daily adventure
Yellow pollen all over
Stocking the larder

For Chev's CARPE DIEM  Little creatures #18


  1. Lots of good advice in beautifully written haiku! Great take ... Bastet

  2. Let them be and that they will leave us alone too

  3. they only need bite when we do not respect their space....
    just leave them advice well headed....

  4. These are great, Hank! Nicely done, with great advice.

    I love sitting amid the purple salvia in the summer, taking photos of the bees. So long as you respect their space and don't make sudden movements you're totally safe.

  5. Nice series Hank .... what a gorgeous photo you have used for this post ... bees are our friends isn't it? Without them ... no fruit. So we have to leave them in peace without being anxious to become stung.

  6. That IS a busy bee and love your series...informative and yet poetically penned:)

  7. so true... i wonder how afraid they are of us

  8. Such a nice post for the prompt. Your series make me ready for spring and the bees!

  9. .Well done.

    Thanks for coming by and reading my fanciful fiction.