Friday, February 6, 2015

Ah..ha! A twitch of the eye again!

                                                                                        Attribution: Nvineeth
Image: A National flower (here)

Reeling, thumbed on the head
Looking blankly at the ceiling
A twitch of the eye 
A scratch on the nose
Sitting back and stretched fully
Ah..ha! A twitch of the eye again
Only then it came
It must be preceded with an ah..ha
Then think of something beautiful
Perhaps a hibiscus 
with hues of pink and purple

The first word was followed by another
Then another, then another
It would then proceed
Sometimes kinks in between
At other times smooth sailing
Three lines most times
Then another line
But it would stop after the first stanza
Then another ah..ha
So it went on

Completion of at least three stanzas
was a must
For it was only considered enough
Even if it was a haiku
A three set haiku was most desirable
Enough fodder to come to a finality
Instead of just seventeen syllables

Note! To include something of home, 
in this case a hibiscus

For Ella's hosting at Real Toads: Poetic Eye:
Kumulipo - Preceding the birth of a Poem


  1. If you have a hibiscus as part of your birth I do understand the sunniness penetrating them

  2. I love the beginning-it does sometimes feel just like that. Then a scurry of adding and planting more words into your beautiful gray garden, until your poem blooms~
    I love your interpretation~

    Thank you, Hank for sharing your birth with us

  3. A most enjoyable poem Hank. I have missed such a lot of your poems these past weeks but hope to get on line more often.

  4. A kink or two makes things interesting, but yeah the words sure do flow

  5. It would then proceed
    Sometimes kinks in between
    At other times smooth sailing.... yep, I know that feeling

  6. beautiful hubiscus; nice of you to pen the process

    much love....

  7. sometimes it is slow going... nice capture of that

  8. I can SEE you, staring at the ceiling.......but then look what comes - a beautiful hibiscus! Loved this, Hank!

  9. I think it's interesting that your lines arrive in threes naturally...your entire second stanza on the process is intriguing to me. Nice work, Hank...thank you for your visit!

  10. I liked this.

    Thanks for visiting.

  11. sometimes you have to just wait on the words and then let them have their way...dictating length...dictating the story....

  12. Love how you shared your writing process and I too feel the same about writing a haiku. I want ti to have meaning not just the correct number of syllables.

  13. I like this parade of process, Hank--how we twitch and how deep we look as we build. There is a magic in threes, too.

  14. Hibiscus sounds and looks good Hank ~ I wouldn't stop with three lines if you still want to write, smiles ~


  15. We stumble along at times when we write, that's for sure.

  16. A fun process, to have a mind to write and an inner idea before picking the hibiscus!