Saturday, February 7, 2015

Step on it when the going is good!

 Image: Courtesy of Georgia (here)

Step on it when the going is good
Given to good times in life
What of those on the factory floor
Safety boots to whet the confidence
Together with a safety helmet
Life's like that for one to feel assured

Perhaps army boots tied in a peculiar manner
Smart and shiny where one's image
discerned as through a mirror

But no match for a pair of soccer boots
So upmarket in trend and pricing
Not just functional but show and tell
To be in league with soccer greats
Who flaunt more than just boots
Of their affluence with fast cars 
and a bevy of beauties

Life's like that!
Some have it some don't!
Vying for the limelight!
Commercialism at its best

For Georgia's hosting at Mindlovemisery's 
Menagerie with a picture prompt


  1. Yep, some sure have it and some don't indeed. Those who do step on those who don't even more

  2. Long live English school uniforms where clothing isn't a competition. :)

  3. Yep, sometimes we must do what we must do! Great photo.

  4. That you got haves and have nots out of that image is really impressive!

  5. Whatever we give meaning to things...but for sure, to dance in those shoes - kind of awkward... ~ Love the energy in this poem.

  6. not a huge fan of commercialism but the right shoes/boots will help you do better...i think of a poor kid that has worn out shoes...and giving him new what he can do...

  7. Afraid I'm terribly frightened by what other's, "bigness," could do. No, the limelight isn't for me. Tis better to give than it is to receive. Nice lines Hank!

  8. Thanks Hank ... this is a great contribution, I really liked the flow and energy in this poem with a moral ...