Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Springy ride every time

                                                                                Attribution: JJ Harrison
Image: Bennett's Wallaby (here)

3WW given words:
content evolve sober
Poetry Jam:
loneliness /solitude

From a blob of a new-born
no larger than a puppy
just as unsure groping
moving upwards eyes unopened
stumbling into the ‘pocket’

Discovering by instinct
life-giving udders
in the warmth of the inner
reaches of the same pocket

Life can never be better
as a start for a start

Content with life
Springy ride every time
Sober and protected
To always be welcomed
back by Mama without tears
To jump into the sanctuary
when danger sensed

Joey a privileged off-spring
Some loneliness while inside
But ‘who cares’
Safe and sound and abundant food
But ‘who cares’

But wait up, just a minute Joey-boy
There is One who cares
If your Mama was not evolved
with a convenient pouch
You would have been left a pink blob
on the grass like every other babies

Providence cared and had the pocket
‘stitched on’ so you can ride
while other babies had to run
and be chased by dingoes

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW #415
And Sumana's at Poetry Jam


  1. Love that safe and sound and that embrace of the mother, such comfort and security I can feel the love in this..

  2. there is the pouch it is safe and it is in a mothers arms...there we are never lonely...warm against her...smiles.

  3. A most beautiful poem Hank, Thanks for sharing.

  4. it is an ingenious design of nature . Lovely poem

  5. The pouch indeed gives safety and SOLITUDE to those little ones. They are never totally alone, but are protected for sure.

  6. You have described such a safe and welcoming place, and one that has no equal, in a very sweet manner.

  7. a loving feeling resonates through this poem, like a great big hug; have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  8. The pouch gives everything a young one needs

  9. Content indeed from the safety of the pouch with mom keeping a sharp eye on all

  10. Joey is indeed a lucky baby. Love the photo.

  11. Nice work, leaving one feeling snug and safe!

  12. Joeys are quite embryonic when born (just a few grams in weight) and attach to the teat which stays in the mouth for months. It will use the pouch for about 10 months before it leaves. It is beautiful to see a joey peek out of the pouch.

  13. A different take with a cute Joey :)
    No loneliness with Mamma Kangaroo.

  14. the safety of a mother's warm love & oh yes we should remain ever grateful for what we are given...nice lines Hank....

  15. What a nice view of that little sweet blob being safe and sound inside that little pocket.

  16. Oh well done. Looks like I have a bit of catching up to do...

  17. Sweetness. I am a mama and a grandma, and I get it! Nicely presented, too --- cute photo and title.

  18. Hank,

    A very happy and uplifting poem. I'm pleased that being safe and secure was possible at such an early age!! Careful parenting!!


  19. Beautifully done, Hank! Mothers kindle fires to warm their babies... true!

  20. A safe solitude . . . that is about as close to a perfect place as there can be. A inspired piece of writing, Hank.

  21. well expressed mother-child relation in kangaroos , a wonderful piece of writing


  22. A new born is about the size of a pea, I believe.

  23. How on earth did I miss this?? How wonderful it is that a mothers love is so unconditional? It's not to say that we don't all need reminding from time to time.. As little Joey boy did here! Well done Hank!

  24. A safe haven, and necessary solitude. Adorable.

  25. we would all love a safe pocket once in a while