Wednesday, February 11, 2015

a fruit and a color

                                                                              Attribution: Danny Gregory
Image: Two of a Kind (here)

Fruits of the citrus kind
Grapefruits lemons limes and oranges
Sharing commonality to the taste-buds
of sour bitter and sweetness
Balanced hybrid catering to all

Given to certain specifics though
They are cultivated for a certain good

Bitter oranges for marmalades
Bergamot oranges grown for its peel
A contribution to aromatic adventures
A primary essence for perfumes
Trifoliate oranges the hardy ones
That can withstand the sub-freezing cold
Mandarins the sweet offerings
Taken fresh taken raw
Munches or juices

The saga of an orange
A fruit and a color
Lauded as one
convenient in a fruit basket
Readily to be peeled
Taken as a fruit to munch or
to be taken to quench
a thirsty palate

For Gabriella's hosting at d'Verse Poetics:
Writing tothe Art of Danny Gregory


  1. nice...i love oranges...when i lived in florida, we had an orange tree and would eat them right off the tree...kissed by the sun...they were so good.....

  2. This is a great tribute to citrus in general and oranges in particular! I love them too, on their own, as a drink, in drinks, in cakes or biscuits, in curries...

  3. I learned about some oranges I hadnt heard of, Hank. Cool write! It is amazing,the healthy offerings so readily available in this world.

  4. You gave me a new appreciation for oranges. I never realized there were so many kinds. Thanks Hank for writing about them.

  5. Oranges sure have their own saga from growth to being eaten. Never liked them much though

  6. Ooh! A palate satisfying poem. Sweet and sour imagery. Well-penned.

  7. Gotta love oranges.. :) Well written Hank!

  8. Oh I love the citrus fruits... they have so many uses.. Hurrah for life that gives me lemons

  9. You make me hungry, Hank! Loved all the varieties of orange you mentioned. Don't think we have all of them here.

  10. i love oranges.. during the winter is cut one each morning in my breakfast müsli...hmmmmm

  11. I too love oranges & mandarins ~ Sweet ~

  12. Enjoyed this sweet & juicy saga of an orange...they are so "convenient in a fruit basket"... i just now set a fruit basket on the table, including mandarins!

  13. I love oranges:) reminds me of my beloved grandmother.

  14. This makes me want to have some juicy citrus fruit. I usually eat a grapefruit each morning and oranges are so yummy.

  15. Nice ode to oranges and such...haven't noticed this particular photo somehow....oranges needed for life fulfillment, don't they add sour taste, when the rest around so sweet? .. :)