Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Social Stigma

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Grandma Goulash

Unmarried mothers
A social stigma
Abandoned in despair
in a half-way house
Crying for justice
but they could only hope
Fate shared by many

(140 characters) as counted through Design 215

Written for Grandma Goulash week 67 with the picture prompt above, and to write a Micro Fiction in 140 characters to include the word 'abandon'


  1. Unmarried mothers happen more and more frequently now too all over the world. Without protection, the girls are always left holding the baby. Sad isn't it.
    Nicely stated Hank.

  2. it is a rough life for single moms, we try to help out quite a few...and give them a break too...they have one of the toughest jobs...

  3. Yeah has to be quite the job indeed, so much work it takes doing it on their own.

  4. Interesting take on this week's picture! So sad that this continues to happen to young women. If only they could see ahead of time what their life would be like as a young single mom and how hard it is. Then perhaps they would make wiser choices.

  5. Thanks for the reminder, Hank. We are working with some of those families who have no home.
    The majority are not married. Most are the mothers, a few are fathers.