Thursday, June 14, 2012


Picture Credit: From Google images
What can be more modern than fast foods
Variety of vendors, choice is quite a bother
But once you’ve tried one you’ve tried them all

It barely takes a few minutes
It’s all of a full meal. You choose
The main offering, snacks and drinks

Breakfast in bed is now out of fashion
You’ve to take it hot within the minutes
Crazy ones decide best taken at the wheel

They go to great pains to emphasize
It’s all nutritious and healthy, young and old
But chubby ones are future woes

No they didn’t give up easily you see
Who epitomized good health than those freaks
Bulging muscles for show rather than strength

Written for d'Verse FormsForAll - Triversen - An attempt to define the - modern


  1. Interesting use of visuals in this - enjoyed visiting - thank you

  2. Superb contribution. Enjoyed it very much.

  3. yeah, fast food kinda all runs together...i def like some breakfast in bed though, out of fashion or to take care of your body now, its easier than later...

  4. Oh! I must disagree! Whataburger is by far superior to the competition!
    Good write, Hank! You're singin my song!

  5. I still prefer breakfast in bed...

  6. First a word to Charles - we're (Texans) the only one with WHATABURGERS - I don't think the rest of the nation has them!

    Now regarding this fun/fine poem. There's a lot going on here. You know the use of the illustrations does hearken back to haiku where each initially was illustrated so setting them up that way is very traditional.
    You could have honed it a little more and use a little more alliteration and or assonance for more fun and wordplay; however on the whole I think this qualifies very well and there's a message in the poem that is worthy as well.

  7. Yes, there certainly are some chubby woes due to fast food addiction. Nice one.

  8. Very neat to answer the modernism question in your poem! Where else to look but to advertising and its instantaneous up-serving of speed? Bravo!

  9. I must speak up for the Whataburger--we have them in Oklahoma also--and it is a little less fast foody, though far from healthy, it does actually taste like real food. I like the way you used the photographs to emphasize your points, Hank. Sadly, most fast food is neither fast nor food--you stand in line as least as long as it takes to make a sandwich. ;_)

  10. Nice to have breakfast in bed once in food not so much....:)Good write!

  11. Disgusting stuff, fast food. Unhealthy and makes you fat.
    Clever way of composing a poem about it.

  12. Yeah hate fast food altogether, nasty stuff, makes one puff.

  13. Fast food has changed our lifestyle and have certainly influenced our health conditions. Too much of it is not a good thing specially for young children. What I would give for a home cooked meal ~

  14. I haven't eaten any fast food for maybe 10 years. Not since I got a touch of food poisoning from an under cooked burger at MacDonalds.
    Nicely said Hank :)

  15. Well, you certainly have this nailed. Your pictures and words integrate quite well and remind us clearly about the need for healthy food and its affects on our social and personal well-being.