Saturday, June 23, 2012

Micro Fiction - Orange

 Image:1 Courtesy of Grandma Goulash, an orange little froggie

 Image:2 The formidable Orange Team (touted as one of the favorites) that broke the heart of the Dutch supporters

Image:2  Unlucky van Persie (in one of his great moments) had so many near misses but somehow these did not connect

Incandescent in
striking orange,
Prince Charming
transformed could be
a fitting inspiration to the
Holland team if not for
an early exit

(140 characters)
as counted through Design215

Note: Grandma gave us image#1 and the word 'incandescent' for this week's Micro Fiction to be written not exceeding 140 characters.

Written for Grandma's Goulash Succinctly Yours #66


  1. oh i love that little frog...awesome color..and during the last european soccer championship there was a play in basle -- holland -- believe it or not...the city was orange...smiles

  2. Well, it's going well for my team ... so far. But then again, a difficult game tonight.

  3. Claudia
    Orange is very striking.Their supporters waving in the grandstand is itself very intimidating. What more a whole city!

    Merry old England! You've still a lot to shout about!


  4. it is hard when there is so much expectation on a team in these tournaments and once the game begins there is no telling what will like the color orange....

  5. I would guess this poem refers to the World Cup. Some years I watch it; this year I am not. I really don't have any excuse for NOT watching it. I guess too many television channels to choose from would be it.

  6. Brian,
    That is true! Too much is expected of big names. But then they did wonders at club level.Does it mean money motivates more than national pride? It seems so!

    Yes, after some time it bores you for better things. Worst, our part of the world, live is 2.30am


  7. I've often wondered why the Dutch team always wears bright orange. It's not the most popular colour, is it?
    It's a bit like Canada always has bright red.
    Love the little frog :)

  8. Striking orange is fitting for the orange strike, isn't it? Well done! Visiting from Poetry Pantry.

  9. Hank,

    You have caught my interest vividly with the orange references. None are so real quite now, as the loss of the Netherlands from the Euros football competition. I expected them to get much further in the competition.
    Tonight we watch England take on the might of the Italians!!!!

  10. Its difficult to understand how a team with such a potent attacking line could fail so miserably! I especially like Van Der Vaart, and his goal against Portugal was a scorcher.Its rare and great to see football teaming up with poetry this sunday.cheers!

  11. Good use of incandescent. A bright orange poem:)

  12. i like all those orange images.

    and i agree that the frog was just tooo cool.

    tnx so much for your comment earlier. thought you might like to know that i recorded "bonus track" and you might want to hear it...


  13. Orange you glad you went with orange and now yellow?

  14. Perhaps Prince Charming will transform into Superman on the orange team. Great use of the wotw and the connection to the European championships going on now! My husband's grandparents all emigrated to the US from the Netherlands (our surname: VanderBeek, or van der Beek to the purists), so he tends to root for the Dutch.

  15. Did I miss Succinctly Yours again? I must try to find it, because I've actually seen one of these little frogs in person, when we were in Costa Rica. They call them "blue jeans frogs"!
    Good use of the word "orange" here, Hank.

  16. Poor Prince Charming. I wonder why he left early? You can tell I'm not a fan of your sport, soccer. My team is the U.S. but if they aren't in then it's England. I think England lost tonight.

  17. I don't know much about "real" football, being American, other than that there is an amazing fan base for it all over the world... except in America, where it is rated 'way down below stupid basketball (such an egotistical lot) and American football (hear the bones break!) and hockey (Fight! Fight! Blood!) But when I lived in New York City, I'd watch on the Latino channel, try to piece together the rapid Spanish commentary, and wait for that ear-splitting cry:

    Loved this, Hank! Amy