Saturday, June 16, 2012

Self Imposed Exile

 Image1: Starting young to be lonely

Image2: Drunk with loneliness
(Picture Credit: Google images)

What imposed itself
My being tapping the keys
Alone with many

Sharing of ideas
Paradoxically true
Alone by oneself

Peering at the screen
Exiled through time and space but
Alone the blogger

Written for d'Verse with prompt - exile -


  1. smiles....hopefully through the net we connect and dont feel so exiled in our part of the world but part of something bigger...

  2. Hank, in some ways the blogosphere may feel lonely; but truthfully I think a lot of us really care about the others of us out there. I think, also, on some level we all understand. I admire the honesty in this poem. I always admire self disclosure.

  3. Yeah part of something more with the blog i think is the truth. But with alot of that other crap, not so much.

  4. blogging, writing is a lonely time, but the sharing is wonderful in the community. Happy weekend Hank ~

  5. First - love the pix!

    Second, yes, you are very right. A very curious sense of aloneness and togetherness. Quite strange, and sometimes one really wonders about myself. But then there's the ping or the little orange flag! k.

  6. A strange world we've come to inhabit, Hank. I spend my days alone with my keybord--much like you and other writers/bloggers--and yet I/we are surrounded by our fellows, FB friends, etc. We're never really alone anymore but yet we are so utterly alone.

  7. Yes, we're always out there looking for...something, someone. But then, sometimes we find it, too--the pictures here say a lot, Hank. Good one.

  8. Yet it seems to me we blog to break out of our solitude.

  9. It's funny how we are all alone as we sit at our computers, but how we all connect, too. Very cool!

  10. think that happens to many people - think as a poet you have the big advantage of really connecting to others while on the computer

  11. I've worried a bit about the internet and loneliness in another part of my blog:

    Succinct image/problem. I relate.

  12. I really believe this is true, and the waybyou show it, without sentimentality is especially poignant.