Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Image: A long exposure photo using a slow shutter speed can create fascinating effects of light trails
(Picture Credit: Google images)

Exposure to the
vagaries of weather  will
mean sniffling noses

Exposure to young
starlets and sportsmen clears off
physical stupor

Exposure stifled
political ambitions
Sex likely spoiler

Over exposed film
is a thing of the past in
this digital age

Get long exposure
iPhone Magic Shutter apps
for moving objects

To cap it all plain
indecent exposure is
just age-old streaking

Written for Chev's Haikublog Tackle it Tuesdays with prompt - exposure and d'Verse OpenLinkNights week #47


  1. very 21st century haiku ~ last one made me laugh ~ well crafted ~ thanks, ^_^

  2. Really exposed today
    And yeah no more over exposure with film this day in age
    That is all the rage
    As the movies can always play

  3. ha...i got an iPhone Magic Shutter app..use it not that often...maybe i should.. and sometimes i'm exposing me to too much poetry..smiles

  4. haha it is streaking and some wtill give it a whilr time and again...i like the over exposed film though...makes for some cool pics....see you in a bit?

  5. Set was fun and funny....Lightheartedness is needed on a gloomy day such as we are having too many of in the norhteast US....Nicely done

  6. Linked modernist haiku! Always a treat to see writers prepared to push the boundaries of form.

  7. Kaykuala this is stunning. Love the picture. And your series of haiku is so wonderful.
    Thanks for being part of Tackle It Tuesday.

  8. Nice shot... I believe some of the best pics area product of a mistake... I myslef dont know how to use allthe features of my camera... And the poem, nice!...


    Os. Thanks for the birthday greeting Pareng Hank!...

  9. Enjoyed this! The last stanza made me chuckle, but for sure you are right! (I knew of a guy who walked around ONLY in a raincoat.)

  10. Hah. I love the last one. It made me smile. Never thought about so many different kinds of exposure.

  11. Haha... indecent exposure is plain old streaking... LOL
    Loved each stanza but the last one made me giggle Hank... thanks :)

  12. I like the instances of exposure ~ Yes its still streaking..ha..ha... ~

    Happy day Hank ~

  13. People still streak? Cool.

    I love the one about political ambitions. So true in today's world.

  14. Thanks for the last bit there, it made me laugh, Hank.


  15. Welcome to the era of digital streaking...love this!!

  16. Great variations on the prompt exposure. Fortunately or unfortunately (LOL), I am married to one of the original streakers!! :)


  17. Haha, wonderful descriptions about many forms of exposure!