Saturday, June 9, 2012


Image: Google images

Ordinary lass
Plain Jane gets attention ..why?
Other than just good looks!

Ordinary days
Stress bound tight, worries irksome
Astound the lone soul

No ordinary
relationship. A Craiglist
damning, unguarded

Written for Haiku Heights #148 with prompt - ordinary


  1. Interesting set.. loved the first one... nothing will seem ordinary if u look at it long enough! :)

    Painting heart with hope.

  2. Beauty is more than skin deep. And these ordinary days can be stressful ~ Have a good weekend Hank ~

  3. Maybe you need a little extraordinary time to bring some energy to your ordinary days, Hank :)

  4. Interesting, out-of-the-ordinary set! I love the pre-post - I am sometimes guilty of wasting time.....nice work

  5. Ordinary can be a pain
    Makes one pop a vein
    But also can be nice
    Guess that's just life's price

  6. the craigslist one is throwing me off a bit in how it relates...ordinary is not so bad you know...smiles.

  7. Pranita
    Yes, familiarity makes it so

    Was working along the same lines too.A plain Jane is most sincere

    Yes,that puts some fun and distractions in the equation

    Interesting images from Google. I would try to incl an image each time

    That's right. Makes life more interesting

    Appreciate the goodness and help thru Craighlist. But they included some wayoff things that created controversies. Personals (man looking for men)apparently was 'co-related to increase of syhpilis. 'Craiglist killers' got victims from there. Adult section discontinued but now under differently named sections apparently encouraged prostitution and child porno.

    It's damning if we're unguarded so I thought. Thanks for feedback.


  8. Words of wisdom here ~ I get the craiglist ~ need to be aware all of the time ~ great play on words ~thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Hank, today reaching everyone's blog has not been an ordinary effort for me because of poor internet connection but finding extraordinary sprinkled on each page made my day.. beautiful haiku here..I somehow don't find anything ordinary..a sparkle exists in every element..

  10. Very beautiful set.....and awesome quote in the picture...explained very beautifully in your haiku...

  11. All completely different directions for the prompt ... very interesting, Hank! Plain Janes have much to offer; supporting, "Never judge a book by its cover!" :)

    Thank you for your visit. Have a great week!

  12. The image is so inspirational!, great set :)

  13. Nothing is ordinary which is looked at as extraordinary. It has been said that Picasso could look at a hole in the carpet and paint something extraordinary from it. (Not an exact quotation, but it makes the point, I think.)
    Enjoyed the haiku, the first especially.