Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Debt Crisis

Leaders (with guests) at the G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, June18, 2012

(courtesy of Google images)

Uncertainties of events leading towards
the ensuing year is taking center stage.
The Greek vote averted  a near financial crisis.
A strict regime is  imposed on countries
in the EU which is grappling with
the contagion effects looming
of a financial meltdown. Has it got to do
with the proverbial unlucky 13?

Economic well-being trailing a jagged path
Lacking in strong initiatives if allowed unabated
will see an economic tsunami building up
Great minds debate on a designated profile
to resolve impending difficulties now contained
but unleashed with sheer abundance
If attempts to smoothen the irritants
are not rightly forthcoming
it would impinge on a global gyration
affecting economies without discrimination
Oil and gold offered a slight respite
retreating a tad lower though not quite
but pacified concerned parties
that prompted overtures towards a G-20 summit
were there to examine the worsening debt crisis

Political will and strong leadership 
called for from an overcast of dark clouds
Deja vu to the shock of the sub prime
naughtiness which learned of technicalities
from the Asian Financial crisis preceding it

It was unsettling, a quagmire of fallen regimes
yet again in the making…. God forbid!

Note: Poets United has challenged us to use 2 sets of antonyms  jagged/smooth and lack/abundance to be written in any form

Submitted to Poets United and d'Verse OpenLinkNights week 49


  1. Sigh. And all the Talking Heads talk and talk and talk - when what is needed are tough decisions and action - twenty years ago. You have captured the horror of all this very well in your poem.

  2. i think that we are in for a very rough road ahead...and it is of our own making...the machine is grinding and will have to be changed...we will not get there doing what we have always done..

  3. Yeah things just keep twirling the drain and keep going down and down some more, not sure what can be done, but the crap will hit the fan even more I imagine.

  4. Hank, thanks for taking part in the 'reincarntion' of Vice/Versa at Poets United. YOu used the words masterfully and captured the situation realistically. These are hard times, and the solutions, unfortunately, seem elusive!

  5. When the world goes into meltdown, that's when we get more and more chaos and BIG wars erupt all over again. Europe was the idea that if it was all connected there would never be another world war but, all countries are not equal and, not everyone likes the 'rules' those faceless wonders in Brussels keep on dishing out. The whole global mess always comes down to money. The rich get richer the poor are getting poorer and sad part is (most) of the rich don't care.

  6. A big problem, Hank ~~ You covered the bases about the issues. We are in for tough times unless there is some magic.
    This was a tough write and much too deep for my type of writing. Again, you did it nicely.

  7. sigh...


    btw, nicely penned...

  8. This is meeting the challenge head-on; and while there is only cacophony and not harmony in the lines, the piece is challenging on many levels. Kudos here, I'd never be able to attempt anything like this and all I'd write would turn to blabber..Well done.

  9. Social commentary has always been the territory of the strongest poems, from the earliest times to today. It's good to see that this tradition continues on!

  10. And the beat just goes on with politics and economy, doesn't it.

  11. And what a difficult challenge it was! I ducked it. You hit it for six. My compliments!

  12. Very current and relevant I appreciated having this to read

  13. Those are some strong words you're using. It's enough to put the fear in an intelligent man.

  14. "Deja vu to the shock of subprime naughtiness" - man, you're on fire, Hank, and I'm burning right beside you. Keep the faith. And come the revolution, I wanna be in your trench. You'll find Lex and Riley and me to be quite feisty! Amy

  15. I just have a hard time understanding where all the money went. But yeah, it seems we're stuck on a road that might be getting worse before it gets better.

    Great and skillful write on something very current and affects us all, one way or another.

  16. Very creative subject for a poem - especially a word poem (you know one based on random words.) I think Europe has somewhat different problems in a way with their single currency. Agh. But terrible for the world. Very interesting poem! k.

  17. Scary times for the world! A brave subject, well tackled.