Saturday, June 30, 2012


Picture Credit: Courtesy of d'Verse

On buttoning the
Dude looks good when done proper
Etiquette demands

‘Should remain buttoned
until one sits and fastened
on standing again’

With three buttons just
button the top two or just
the center button

Some do not conform
Unbuttoned, flailing, it looks
more macho it seems

Alluring ladies
Unbuttoned top for cleavage
Is fashionable!

Poetics at d'Verse with prompt 'button, button'


  1. I think old customs such as the jacket being buttoned unless sitting is one of thousands that are just dying out in this modern world of T-shirts and jeans.
    Nicely said Hank. That's the way it should still be and, to some extent is, in the middle and upper classes I suppose.

  2. So many customs change with time. Customs around what is buttoned is only one of them. Enjoyed your write!

  3. Fashion changes with how far a buttoned shirt can go ~ Still modesty is always a good virtue, specially for the ladies ~

  4. I've watched a wild assortment of "fashions" come and go - some pretty weird looks - you have captured the "etiquette" of such very well.

  5. ha i stink at etiquette....i rarely wear a jacket...and if so it is often open...i will button up if i have to...smiles...

  6. LOL I button up a few
    But depends on who is in view
    Mostly none for a jacket and such
    But for a shirt only the top one doesn't touch

  7. That's pretty funny about unbuttoning when sitting. That's how it's getting for me I have to admit. The shirt etiquette of how many buttons to fasten is also big. You want to show as much man hair, I guess, though some guy's hair is not too mannish. Very fun to read and hear about these things.

  8. Great opening.. Very charming piece!

  9. How very proper! What a great way to use Brian's ace prompt :)

  10. smiles..i'm always a bit rebellious when it comes to things that etiquette demands...smiles

  11. It's c couple of decades now since I did my top button up - weddings and funerals apart, of course. Never did hear of the sitting down/standing up etiquette, though.

  12. Interesting thing--the buttoning of a suit coat. I'm always fascinated by the buttoning and unbuttoning thing. Always wonder what the protocol is. You think somewhere along the line, somebody made suit coat rules.

  13. Much of such etiquette have changed. And buttons have gain more function than just for fastening. Look good, look macho, look right -- there are now many options for fashion I think.

    Enjoyed this poem for its list of fashion options. :)

  14. This is a lovely write: sounds good too I bet, and a pleasure to read.
    Don't you just love the variation in approaches to this topic this weekend?

  15. So fun to hear the rules on buttoning - and of course with the decollete - very clever. k.

  16. We don't adhere to a lot of dress etiquette out here in the casual wild West of the US. I have seen people in their pajamas at the grocery store. Nicely done!

  17. Ha... lots to think about there, Hank.

  18. Laid end to end, these "rules" and customs seem very much to clarify philosophies--approaches to life. Thank you for the playful look through the button front shirt.

  19. i was taught so many customs. and i hardly practice any of them. they don't fit the times. but what do kids practice now?