Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New Beginning

 Image:1 Farid planting a loving kiss on Aini's forehead on their wedding day in Nov 2010

Image:2 As a consequence such an adorable little Adam

Image:3 Mas not to be outdone with cute baby boy 'Aqil

 Image:4 Ebby proudly cradling cute baby boy, 'Aqil

(Picture source: from their FB wall posts)

Theme Thursday for June 21, 2012 invites us to write on a theme  a ‘New Beginning’. What better than to acknowledge a new beginning for my wonderful nephew Ebby and lovely niece Aini together with their respective spouses and;

Victoria at d'Verse had invited submissions based on a setting of place, character, mood and culture as a theme. I'm submitting a composite of the elements of the theme.

Blessed of divine assurances
New Beginnings of a lineage
A persuasion to extend
A progeny towards a future
Each a first born eagerly awaited

My nephew Ebby and Mas his
Charming wife, proudly brought
Forth into this world  an adorable
‘bundle of joy’  a cute little 'Aqil
A baby boy for all to see
The joyous occasion recorded
Plainly on April 20, 2012

A happy day came in two’s
For on June 06, pretty Aini my niece
And hubby Farid as if to answer the call to celebrate
Proudly gave us an equally cute baby Adam
A twin event to remember
From the two loving couples

The extended family system
Reminiscent of an undertaking and expectations
Of a bright future for their offspring
The mark of a human structure
Of a culture demanding that
Procreation is only natural

Congratulations to Ebby and Mas
And to Farid and Aini, for from now on
Baby feeding and sleepless nights
Would mean the same thing!


  1. congrats to them...these look like beautiful children...i def wish for them a bright future...

  2. Such a nice welcome to the little ones and nice for you to share them with us, Hank.

  3. How beautiful. New beginnings with new hopes. Lovely.

  4. Awww many, many congratulations and blessings to your family Hank. Two babies for your whole family to celebrate is wonderful. :)

  5. Congrats, new beginning truly are grand all across the land in a loving hand or hands.

  6. There is NOTHING more beautiful or miraculous than newborn babies. And your family has TWO, who will grow up so happily together as cousins. Lovely, Hank. Congratulations.

  7. Congrats to the happy couple and family ~ Indeed a joyful new beginning ~

  8. oh they are cute...congrats and yep...those sleepless nights...remember them well...smiles

  9. Words can't express how grateful we are. Thanks Uncle Hank

  10. Wonderful times for all. Every blessing to them and to you.

  11. Such joy in the little ones and with each smile they work their way deeper into our hearts. Although it is a lot nicer to be the grandparent so that you do not have to deal with changing diapers or staying up all night. You are a truly blessed Uncle.

    Thanks for sharing your family with us for this weeks Theme Thursday, a more wonderful new beginning could not be had.

    God bless.

  12. What a joyous celebration! Thanks for sharing. I don't envy those sleepless nights, but that stage passes quickly.

  13. Wonderful photos of the couples and babies, and they do indeed, like your poem, reflect a feeling of culture and family structure, too often flown by the way these days. Enjoyed it much, Hank.

  14. Congratulations all around, Hank. I think that birth and marriage are God's two greatest creations.

  15. Oh baby! What adorable babies! Such sweet pictures.

  16. Bright blessings and congratulations! What a wonderful welcome to those two sweet babes.

  17. Gorgeous babies, happy people, great post, and good choice for your submission.