Friday, June 8, 2012


Image: Whistler's Mother
(Courtesy of Real Toad's)

Frail and hunched
She walked slowly
from her room upstairs
Each little step
towards her favorite chair

She sat at the lounge
Looking into emptiness
Again it happened!
She left her pair of spectacles
in her room
Someone went up
Got it for her

They were having lunch
She suddenly became aware
Her spectacles now perched
precariously atop her nose
She walked slowly but more
confidently towards them

‘You already had your lunch’
she was told. ‘Ten minutes ago’
Again it happened!
She was then led back to her seat
Given her favorite slice of brownies
She sat down happy

They used to have lunch together
But she ended up messy
affecting everyone else
So she had lunch first
All by herself

There has to be a solution! 

Written for Real Toads with prompt - dementia


  1. If only a solution would come
    But sadly seems to be the same old hum
    Seen it happen a time or two
    And not something I'd wish on anyone

  2. that's so sad. For 7 years of being a caregiver, i can never call this as a job, this is truly a vocation. something that I am very proud of. I still miss the elders that I once care back when I was in Taipei. and now my boss... lovely people.

    nice post Pareng Hank!..


  3. Hank, I agree... there has to be an answer to this dreadful, lonely disease. Thanks for participating in the prompt.

  4. Definitely a very sad situation, Hank. So sad not to know if you have eaten or not. So sad to see people we care about in this kind of state or to think that perhaps this will be us someday.

  5. You have captured this so well, Hank. How endless, the time spent waiting............

  6. This tells it as it is - as all art should, in one respect or another. It is well constructed and works well. A fine poem for a sad situation.

  7. Hank, this describes it fully. I was just thinking of writing something about my mother-in-law who has dementia. I still might, but you've already done it beautifully here. I hope a solution is found soon.

  8. this is the one that scares me the most you know...i never want to lose my mind...

  9. So sad. Being stuck in a round and round never knowing where in your own day that you are. Heart breaking also that peeps often choose to separate themselves for their own comfort-ability but at the same time...if they don't even know?

  10. Hank, though the subject matter of your beautiful poem is incredibly sad, your poem made me smile. Smile remembering how many times my mother's glasses would disappear, reappear, be found on someone else's face, in someone else's apartment. Thank goodness she could read/see without them or we would have been in serious trouble. She has been gone five years now ~ I cared for her the last five of her life ~ you brought back a few funny memories. Thanks.

  11. Pat
    Sad and hope not to us.

    It's your nature they like. Lucky you

    It's frustrating. We're rendered helpless. Welcomed!

    It's a dreaded thought

    It's blank to them. They never knew


    The same with me here.Solution is patience for now

    Scares me too especially seeing it with my own eyes now

    It's sad both ways. We have to make the best of it as long it's not hurting for both

    Happening to us.We have to take extra care and be a step ahead all the time.Five years is a long time. But time flies only if we accept it as a responsibility not a burden.


  12. Oh, Hank, this is beautifully written, but I'm sorry you are going through this.
    I will never forget how difficult it was for all of us, but I'd go through it again if I could have my parents back. Not a reasonable request from someone my age, but I miss them.
    Thinking of you,