Saturday, April 8, 2017

undo the indolent self - I

                                                                         Attribution: Creative_independence.jpg: 
Image: Kids immersed in fun and games (here)

I for Immersed in Activities in the Quest to be Healthy

12 given words:
shell undo vent cheer grin trim 
strap single slack line handle can

to get out of the shell
undo the indolent self
give vent to all the frustrations
discard the pent up emotions

cheer up and sport at least a grin
goodness around the girth to trim
strap a haversack full of bricks
blaze the trail but not for the meek

or just a tight single purpose outright
a brisk walk evenings in dim light
not to slack palatable or otherwise
trimmed self treading the line not a vice

handle a reformed self with lots of care
can outwit the show-offs for a dare

A to Z Challenge -  letter I
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #348
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #294


  1. Some inspired - and inspiring - wordplay in this piece ... that brims with energy. I enjoyed reading this!

  2. I guess to get out of the shell, you have to start moving even if it is at a slow pace.

  3. You really worked the words with this one, Hank!

  4. Yes.. get rid of pent up emotions and get back into shape physically and mentally! Good advice.

  5. You put the puzzle together and even made it rhyme!

  6. You clinch it with that last couplet--this is not about showing off, but about health and self care.

  7. Undo the indolent self - yes! nailed it for me.


  8. My favourite is the good sense of the last couple. We off think that the reward of change is the end of striving. Not so at all, for new challenges always come by.

    Thank you Hank, for linking this intriguing piece to my Sunday Standard, this week

    Have a happy Holy Week

    Much love...

  9. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I needed your poem today. In fact, I needed it right now. I've been telling myself that I am way too busy to go for a walk between what needs to get done. I needed the brisk advice skipping through your lines. So, thank you. ;-)

  10. Have to just decide to do and let it come due

  11. Being active is good therapy, I think! Just came back from a walk.

  12. Love that title! And the poem!​

  13. I like this piece, especially your final cuplet.

  14. Wonderful play upon words here, Hank ❤️ and such a thoughtful message too!