Thursday, April 13, 2017

A wicked smile, a twisted smile - L

                                                                               Attribution: Andrew Levine
Image:  Amy Bock, confidence trickster of the
early 20th century. Photo from 1908/1909,(here)

L for Light and Easy in the Quest to be Healthy

11 of 12 given words:
mark con hustler fraud scam gullible 
sucker lie prison bridge president

A wicked smile, a twisted smile
Could be discerned but not too obvious
Just smiling and just to himself

Lots of dramatic acts playing in their minds
Every minute an active torrent
All the while teeming with
dramatic sequences two steps ahead
Ever so confident and alert
The mark of a confidence trickster
A con man, a hustler or whatever
Wretchedly scheming a fraud or a scam

Could spot and impact upon a gullible sucker
with uncanny accuracy within seconds
Light and easy with lies and deceit

How to spot them?
A six million dollar question!
They made prisons as a transit for one
Or at street corners for those who
managed to give authorities a slip

But lo and behold!
Recent phenomena had taken shape
Rumours had it
They had developed such sophistications
They bridged the gap fast
They might head big corporations
They might even be lurking in Presidential Suites!

A Note to Marian (of runaway sentence)
Apologies Ma'am! Had difficulty in 
accessing your blog for your past 3 postings

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  1. Once again, 3 in one! To top off your skill, you took us to the maze of "mpghts" and "mays".

  2. Thought provoking Hank but interesting to read.
    Great post for "L"


  3. Hank, I'm stoked you found another scammer! Well, maybe not stoked - sorry there are so many around - but thanks for adding your voice with this sharply observed pen ~

  4. The certainly have bridged the gap fast. You lay out the history of the con man very well.

  5. Con man extraordinary. Had to have been "rigged". Saying, "what goes around comes around."

  6. (So you're not pointing the finger or anything, ha ha.) Very cleverly written.

  7. Light and easy with lies and deceit. Indeed. Too many of them lurking around everywhere.


  8. More than likely are, as the lies fly far

  9. Oh this is such a deeply contemplative write.