Sunday, April 2, 2017

It is engaging upon visitors

                                                                                Attribution : sunday-photo-fiction
Image: The White Cliffs (here)

C for Cliffs for Hiking in the Quest to be Healthy
the 12 given words:
eyes base rise follow garden while
kiss place near reach shame 
primal (early stage in evolutionary development)

As far as the eyes can see from a
distance reminiscent of those at Dover
from the base of the cliffs that rise
right to its top

It is engaging upon visitors who desire
to follow a hiking trail

In a relaxing mood one meanders
in a garden of greenery while kissed by
an ever welcoming whiff of cool sea
breeze ruffling one's turfs of loose hair

Such is the veracity of a haven vibrant
with flocks of gulls and birds on transit
a place near enough and within easy
reach from the mainland

It is a shame to pass off such a freedom
enjoyed by the primal food gatherers of old

Brenda's Sunday Whirl #293
A to Z Challenge - C
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #347


  1. I spend a lot of my time walking along my local white cliffs from Beachy Head to Seaford, up and down the Seven Sisters, just along the coast from Dover. Winter or Summer, I adore it up there.

    All about Amble Bay Church

    1. Many many years ago, I was in the Territorial Army, and every so often we would weekend in Eastbourne. We had to go for a morning jog along the Seven Sisters, and one time it had snowed. The Corporal leading us told us to walk only where he walked as the snow was completely flat. I lagged back a bit to help someone and chose to take a short cut across to catch up. And sank to my waist in snow lol. I hated those mornings, but the view was beautiful

  2. Stopping by from A-Z challenge. I like the way you used the words - makes me wish I was on the cliffs!

  3. This is a really evocative piece. There's nothing like a clifftop walk!

  4. It must be wonderful to walk there and be killed by sea breeze.

  5. This is a lovely scenery shared. Your words truly transport us there.

    Happy you dropped by my blog Hank

    Much love...

  6. Sure quite the spot, but not sure we'd ever go for a trot haha

  7. This is incredibly beautiful and serene.. both in words and image :)

  8. It looks and sounds like a beautiful place.

  9. A whiff of cool sea breeze sounds lovely, even if it does ruffle one's hair!

  10. Lovely! Nicely done :D

    My A to Z at herding cats & burning soup

  11. Seven SIsters and Beachy Head are beautiful sights. Or sites. WHichever way you want to look at it. Or - the site is a sight to behold.