Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sakura, awe to behold - R

                                                                                              Attribution: Manmaru
Image: Cherry Blossom along
the Miya River, Japan (here)

R for Reacts to Expectations in the Quest to be Healthy

sudden appearance
sakura awe to behold
sea of fluffy white
as sudden as it appears
so also it disappears

cherry blossoms white
reacts to expectations
perched atop our heads
sayonara oh, so quick
to answer Providence's call

Chev's Carpe Diem #1194 tanka
on -  Cherry Blossom (Sakura)
Heather's A to Z Challenge - R


  1. Life can sure turn on a dime, up and down. Have to enjoy all we can.

  2. Lovely words Hank. thanks for sharing them.


  3. Life can indeed suddenly change. So celebrate this moment.

  4. That first tanka is so true, Hank. Our cherry blossom will soon be gone.

  5. I always wanted to go to Japan and see the Sakuras in real.Hope I get a chance sometime
    This was a lovely read Hank :-)

    A Peice Of My Life

  6. Its been very hot, very dry and very windy here this year; so our Poui blossoms also appeared and disappeared in a flash

    much love...

  7. From my window I can see cherry blossom petals blowing in the breeze like perfumed snow. Too soon gone.

    Another day in Amble Bay!

  8. Awesome tanka Hank. Life of cherry blossoms is really that short. You caught their fragility in a great way.