Monday, April 3, 2017

They came off winners

                                                                                  Attribution: Friend of Hezry
Image:1  Their Wiiner's Medal proudly around their Necks
Kimie is at the front row fourth from left

                                                                                                           Attribution: Friend of Hezry
Image: 2 Ecstasy of Winning
Kimie is at the back row extreme right

E for Ecstasy in the Quest to be Healthy

A Choka consists of alternating lines of five and
seven syllables ending with an extra line of seven
syllables. The total length of the poem is indefinite.

The Choka
With an open mind
With lots of expectations
They came to compete
Never a shadow of doubt

Reining their prowess
Raring and motivated
They were on the high
Never a shadow of doubt

Went in with gusto
Won in many of their games
Formidable team
Never a shadow of doubt

They came off winners
In the third category
Winner's ecstasy
Such a big thrill for youngsters
Never a shadow of doubt

The Haiku
Healthy endeavors
In whatever sports events
Ultimate winners

Note:1 Hank's second grandee, Kimie
was in his under-16 Saracen Club team 
in the Victoria Institution's 10-a-side 
rugby tournament last week-end

Note:2 An earlier posting (here) when
Kimie was just about starting out

For Marian's at Real Toad's  -
the tuesday platform


  1. You must be proud of him and the team Hank. I really liked the poem especially the recurring last line.

    Another day in Amble Bay!

  2. I was a soccer coach. "Never a shadow of doubt" - The key of a winner.

  3. Wonderful! It's a pleasure to read about good things!

  4. such pride and passion for a lovely event in a young man's life - we are blessed to share in their achievements. just last week I was proud Mama watching both her baby boys (now grown men!) win their league match! I resonate with this so much. Lovely to read you Hank - Gina (Singledust)

  5. A super poem but it is not a haibun. I like this though and it is always good to read about winners. But,,,,it is not a haibun for haibun Monday.

    1. Must be written in Classic Japanese form with one to two tight paragraphs with a seasonal haiku to wrap it up.

      Hank read the above to mean a Japanese form was asked for to take the place of the prose. Hank could not think how a Japanese prose could be different from an ordinary prose. Hank had then chosen a choka as it could be made longer just like a prose. It was not intentional. Hank will make amendments 1) by not mentioning it as a haibun and 2) to obliterate the link to d'Verse. Apologies for having read it wrongly!


  6. Oh I like the endeavor to win

  7. Love it, Hank. Such a great and happy group! I really enjoyed your poem... the syllable count and repeating the shadow of a doubt line really work. Yay!

  8. a very pleasing poem...thumps up for health and happiness!

  9. Congrats to Kimie and his team. Luv today's poem and the link back poem too.
    Have a nice Wednesday Hank

    much love...

  10. I can understood how proud you are. Well done Kimie!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  11. Love the feeling of buoyancy and triumph in this :)

  12. What beautiful, big smiles they all have and so much mud - that brings it all back - washing rugby kit after my son's matches!! Great poem with that forceful last line. Lovely to connect through the A-Z Challenge :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  13. I admire people who can write form poetry, especially strict forms like the choka. Superbly done!


  14. Winning makes all the work worth it indeed, always a great accomplishment