Friday, April 28, 2017

Back To You For A View!

                                                                           Artist: John William Edy  (1760–1820)                        
Image: View of Rocks in Heliesund (here)

Note: Hank has been writing Limericks
at Pat Hatt's, It's Rhyme Time (here) almost
every day. The first line is always Pat's
title of his posting for the day. Appended
below are some of them (with no regard
to metre or rhyme, though)

Back To You For A View!
No mean feat right on cue
Rounding up fun
The regular ones
Shout out for the lucky few

Hey Diddle Diddle Time To Quiddle!
Perhaps the riddle is in the middle
Questions galore
Going for more
How is best to see one that sizzles

The X Team Isn't A Dream!
Loud colors are a scream
Go get the X-Men
At Superheroes' Den
All tough and looking mean

Welcome Home, There's No Need To Roam!
Interesting array of spectacular homes
Stay in a basket?
Nothing to dread
As long as one is not left all alone

Frank at d'Verse's  -  limericks


  1. Very clever Hank, Well done on an excellent verse.


  2. Great responses to Pat's prompts!

  3. I just started following Pat Hatt's blog. I've seen your link to it before, but I never really saw it. That guy rhymes everything. Five lines is all that counts for this challenge. I liked the welcome home one the best.

  4. Look at you go, recognized them all at your hall as they were on my wall. Been doing it forever indeed, always fun seeing them at my feed.

  5. Limericks are so much fun!
    Kudos on a verse well done.
    I noticed you hid
    an ex yes, you did!
    sneaked in a pair, not just one.


  6. These are cool rhymes! I like the riddle one the most.

  7. A bouquet of limericks. Kudos 2 U

  8. This limerick’s written for you
    You limerick writers so few
    Who take pen in hand
    And with jest make stand
    In ponderous land of Cuckoo

  9. Love Hey Diddle, Diddle! All are unique and fun, Hank.

  10. Love this... especially the riddle one.