Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Consumers would have to take remedial steps - X

                                                                                Attribution: Gila Brand  CC-BY-2.5.
Image: Might be pesticide-laden in no time (here)

X is for Xenoestrogens in the Quest to be Healthy

Hormonal balance is important for the proper 
functioning of our endocrine (hormone) system.
Many things can threaten to upset this balance, 
including xenoestrogens (synthetic hormones 
that mimic the ones produced by our body)
Xenoestrogens are the result of high exposure to
environmental toxins from car fumes, household 
cleaners, personal care products, and even food
 and drinks  

Not a question of ignorance or uncaring attitude
They came into being as a consequence of greed
Meat and dairy products, fruits and vegetables
were laced' with pesticides to prevent diseases

They were usually full of growth hormones
and antibiotics, in order to effect fast increase
in production and to also enhance shelf life

The businessmen would push their products
through fair means or otherwise without ever
batting an eyelid just for that extra bucks

Consumers would have to take remedial steps
They have to go organic rather than pick up all
the trash mindful though organically, products
can be relatively expensive

Besides some good habits could be in order
No more microwave ovens to heat up your food.
Cook foods in a stainless steel or glass cookware
instead of non-stick cookware now considered risky
To avoid hot liquids in foam styrofoam cups.

A host of other 'nice to have' steps until recently which
could be real life-savers in the not too distant future

Heather's A to Z Challenge - X


  1. Some good advice. X is always a difficult one.

  2. Have to watch out for such crap indeed, even though it is a little more expensive, better for one in the end to avoid the pesticides and the like.