Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dedication for the love of the game - W

Image 1: Pep talk during one of the
many training and game sessions.

Image 2: Raring to go!

 Image: 3 Kimie, in between takes - a Spot of Reading

Image: 4 There they Are
(Kimie at the front row extreme left)

Image 5  Chow Time at the End
of  one of the Games in K.Pilah
(Kimie - second from left in the background)

Attribution for Images: Coach, 
Accompanying Parents and Friends of Hezry
(fair use of images)

W for Warming up to be Winners in the Quest to be Healthy

Young boys barely 15 years of age
Hezry a.k.a Kimie being one of them
Making a beeline to the training grounds
In the wee hours of some mornings
or every so often in late afternoons
To be where the action is

Dedication for the love of the game
The underlying motivation
That push them on!

Answering the call
In their own little ways
Enhancing community development
Actively participating in the vicinity
Preparing for the big games

Note: Kimie, Hank's younger grandee
has been into Rugby playing at Tight
Head prop on the left side at scrums

Paul at d'Verse's -  community
Heather at A to Z Challenge - W


  1. You've really captured the spirit of the game. Well done mini-Hank!

    A walk in Amble Wood

  2. You touched the heart of a youth soccer coach.

    1. Very sure you enjoyed the stint Martin. Lots of satisfaction in seeing them grow up in the game.


  3. Well done Hank, a wonderful "W" post, really showed what team work is all about. Excellent read.


  4. Wonderful. The community within sport is close to my heart. Thanks for this fantastic share.

  5. The fun and the team spirit shine through the photos and the verse! Well done on W.


  6. I'm glad someone wrote about sports. For kids, it is great learning give and take and prepares them for 'life'. So many advantages to these particular communities. Nice one, Frank.

  7. Sure takes preparation to get better. Fun watching them grow and get better at what they love indeed.

  8. Love to see their smiles and dedication to a sport...this post is a winner!

  9. I like the idea of "answering the call" as part of community.

  10. So good to come together for the game... love the joy you describe

  11. Competitions enhance the spirit of community, no matter the sport. Well written!

  12. Good see such team spirit Hank ~ Way to go ~