Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lesson learnt - next time not to bother - M

                                                                           Author: Jpogi at en.wikipedia
Image: A Butcher's Knife (here)

Note: To take this as a humor-type 
of posting and not as a tragedy

M for Messed Up Badly in the Quest to be Healthy

8 chosen words:
bodybuilder cuddle bludgeon 
box bathtub call-girl butcher

A bodybuilder was found
lifeless in an apartment, not of his own
The police was puzzled
as to how he could be cuddled
in the arms of a beautiful lady
Both apparently in the throes of a heady
act of pleasure prior to being found
Now all messed up badly bludgeoned

They found in a box near the bathtub
A bloodied scraping knife and a baseball bat
Lesson learnt - next time not to bother
a call-girl whose boyfriend was a butcher

Note: One is to choose 3 words
but Hank decided on 8 words

Lorrain's at MLMM's Saturday's Mix


  1. A cautionary tale, eh? Macabre, but also kind of fun!

  2. Blood thirsty post Hank but good to read all the same.

    Happy Easter to you.

  3. I'm not sure I should be grinning - but I am! Nice one Hank.

    Amble Bay's May Fair

  4. A bloody (good) comedy/crime. A good lesson learned too!
    Thanks for playing along.

  5. lol he sure had to worry about more than catching an std.

  6. Wrong number er girl...poor fellow :) should have given her a wide berth! :)

  7. I was not expecting that end. I believe my jaw just hit the floor, lol!

  8. Are you sure it was the boyfriend? It could have been the call girl ;-). Very clever what you've done here.

  9. 3 in 1 plus 5 and murderously done. The real mystery is: exactly how clever is one person?

  10. Call girls and butchers Hank, there's something about that combination..

  11. Very unfortunate choice of a nighttime diversion partner.

  12. Oh gosh I did not see that end coming.. so vivid!

  13. A fine body of words building to a bloody climax ;)

  14. Definitely some wise words here.