Thursday, January 5, 2017

pressed hard at her sides or prowled around

                                                                         Attribution: Sylvia Chan Art
Image: New Beginnings (here)

Sunday's Whirligig 10 of 12 given words:
sleep pressed prowls hungry remind
inhale fear meek spring siblings

3WW given words:
hateful incorrigible gaping

There were times it moved in her sleep
pressed hard at her sides or prowled around
hungry it seemed to remind her of the love
she was carrying

New beginnings how she remembered it well
She was there all the time in fact it was the climax
The climax to 9 months of happiness and anxiety
It was inhale...exhale...inhale,
a reassuring voice
Hold it! Push..yes.. push harder..yes. 
a slap at the butt
Now she was holding a crying little 'un in her arms

In an instant she had forgotten the hateful reaction
the anger the cravings and the put-off to male odor
all the very nature of healthy pregnancy

It was beginning to make her incorrigible
gripping and fearfully in a gaping abyss in
thought or meek and docile at times
It used to spring surprises to hubby and siblings alike
The D-day to birthing put paid to the testing times

How men envy the privilege bestowed on women
For which men are naturally disadvantaged

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  1. The title alone had me gripped Hank!

  2. I think that after giving birth it would be a blessing.. the relief after all the pain has to be fantastic.

  3. The struggles become worth it in the end.
    Afraid I don't envy that though!

  4. Lucky for her and to all the women ~ Cheers to good health and new beginnings hank ~

  5. oh....your words made me take another look at this glorious painting and definitely yes -- the glory, exhilaration, exuberance of the birthing moment is definitely here. :)

  6. Your words portray so much. Excellent! :)

  7. The end sure is worth it, but no envy from me. I'll just stick to the fun part lol

  8. "For which men are naturally disadvantaged" - and yet you managed this insight. Amazing

  9. Beginnings are never easy. This painting seemed to be a favourite. I enjoyed your interpretation.

  10. the poem is a gorgeous celebration of a new beginning indeed...quite a unique take...beautiful Hank...

  11. How well I recall three happy times like that.
    Excellent read Hank.