Monday, January 16, 2017

he knew she was definitely luxuriant

                                                                                            Attribution: Chris Wood
Image:Fry's Island, on the River Thames (here)

the 12 given words:
trudge froth pour green toes inward crush
yew (evergreen trees with its branches as a symbol of sorrow)
prickle (tingling sensation on a person's skin, caused by strong emotions)
harbinger ( a forerunner of something)
dross (something regarded as worthless)
psittacism (repetition of words or phrases parrot-fashion.)

Sluggishly trudging frothing at the mouth
Even the waters off Fry's Island was faster
Pain in his heart no one to pour out his woes
Excepting the greens on the island waving
their branches in a collective show of yew

Pulling himself awkwardly with toes inwards
Vaguely aware of light prickles on his cheeks
A harbinger of better days ahead perhaps

He tried to console himself thinking aloud,
'have the patience to sift through the dross'
No, he knew she was definitely luxuriant
His crush for her was beyond his psittacism
No turning back an inner voice whispered

Yves's at MLMM's January Wordle #138
Kerry's at Real Toad's  -  the tuesday platform 


  1. Those seem impossible words to weave together, but you did it!

  2. You certainly ised those words to their full potential Hank.
    Well done. Well written a good read.


  3. I have such difficulties with words like that.. but its great that you do it.

  4. Wow Hank such vivid and passionate writing


  5. beautifully composed words woven with imagery unique...great poem and superb use of 'given clues'

  6. Have to push through sometimes and see what comes due

  7. Sometimes, the only way is forward... even if our better judgment tells that standing still might be safer.

  8. 'have the patience to sift through the dross'

    A good piece of advice for all to follow.

  9. This reminds me of how we sometimes like to find a spot in nature to attempt to sort our thoughts out, but even nature's soothing abilities have their limits. And that's when we must be patient.

  10. Love the words in this, and you've used them so cleverly!

  11. I like your ending, Hank. Like he has taken the first step off the platform, 'no turning back.' I'm wondering what he would do if she did give him a tumble, he seems to bumble in his reasoning. Good use of the words, I had to find a definition for the last one.
    The picture is pretty, we've been to London just over a dozen times, staying quite a while each time. Our granddaughters, daughter, and SIL lived there five years and we went at least twice a year plus a few other times.
    But we never did make it to Reading, I always wanted to see the home of my favorite Monopoly railroad. It was just over 20 miles west of London, twice as far as Windsor Castle. We've been there and before, the first visit, beyond one exit on the M4, by mistake.

    1. Thanks Dr Jim, the avid traveler. In matters of love and faith one has to give way a tad more than for others. Reasoning may even be compromised as long as it is not material. Missed London too. Not been there for quite sometime. Hopefully in the not too distant future!


  12. Excellent response to the prompt :D

  13. psittacism, (◕‿◕。) funny sounding but interesting word

    Thanks for linking in at Monday WRites Hank

    much love...