Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let it not be said he was unfairly treated

                                                                                      Attribution: Charlesjsharp
Image: Well composed and confident (here)

3WW given words:
rotund parched scandalous

Rotund in ideas pushing his weight around
Wanting to make an impact in staggered tones

Was still exercising confidence thumbing his nose
At all and sundry remaining well composed

Parched in his make-up to counter the objections
He was not about to give in, his immediate reaction

Could he sustain the scandalous mode so apparent
To hide behind a thin veil for good reasons?

Let it not be said he was unfairly treated
From the looks of things he was well regarded

It was all a question of perception in their eyes
To be unduly alarmed with his objectionable voice

Perhaps he should also try to make it a lot easier
Change within easy limits for the better

For Thomg's 3WW #516
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  change


  1. Some sure like to push their weight around and think they are grand enough to do so, but a little tweak and all may be better off.

  2. i wonder if 'Change within easy limits for the better' is possible...

  3. Change however shouldn't be giving up one's innate qualities..the crow's voice is what it is!!

  4. An interesting read, warm greetings!

  5. Change within easy limits for the better
    is good n some ways but it's just gilding the lily as my grandma used to say.

  6. I dont think change within easy limits is within his frame of reference, kiddo.He is a bull in a china shop.If we are thinking of the same person.

  7. Make change easier? Have softer good intentions? We tend to be such dreamers.

  8. Nice use of the 3 words. Here's the question. Everything is changing. What are we going to do?

  9. Well I don't think many will be able to relax as he bullies everyone to submission (whoever he is!) for the next few months.

  10. Well done, Hank! He has no idea of easy limits.

  11. Excellent Hank, choice of words used to perfection.


  12. Yes, that objectionable voice and the scandalous mode - trademarks of a tyrant.

    1. A scandalous mode can bring change, but also big surprises that tend to ruffle feathers,


  13. Wise words Hank. Thought provoking indeed!