Friday, January 27, 2017

Or can it be considered a great work of art?

                                                                                                Attribution: Sage Ross
Image: A California Juniper bonsai  (here)

the 16 given words:
monument country  waste desert pitiless ceremony tide
gyre (spiral shape that petals make in the face of a flower)
artifice (a subtle and crafty trick)
neglect anarchy tatter center drowsy holy innocence

Can it pass off as a monumental
hype in the country-side
One that laid waste in a desert environment
A pitiless existence without ceremony?

Or can it be considered a great work of art
Carefully crafted in accordance with the tide of  opinions
Sans gyre in all greatness but an artifice
to play tricks on the eyes!

Not to neglect an anarchy of ideas but rather
to painstakingly nurture its seemingly tattered
image into something exquisite

It can serve as a center of attraction in its
drowsy shape to be exhibited in
all of its holy innocence!


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  1. Wow, Hank! I love this poem. You asked such a pertinent question and gave a sound reply.

  2. All in the eye of the beholder, but yeah, it surely can indeed.

  3. A great poem Hank. I did love the subject although it didn't look perfect it's a wee bit like us humans we all have some flaws about us.


  4. Really intriguing use of the words. I don't think I will look at bonsai the same way.

  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..! Excellent write, Hank

  6. I love bonsai, and you have presented them in a great way

  7. You knocked this one into the stars.
    You're good. You're good

  8. "monumental
    hype in the country-side"

    I like that phrase.

  9. I smiled as I read it, coming to the words in our list. You were brave trying to use them all, they fit, some in ways I wouldn't dare.

  10. An artful poem on art! :D Enjoyed reading it

  11. As long as it takes to trim and train those trees into various shapes, they are indeed a work of art.

  12. I so love Bonsai. The attention to detail to create such art is breathtaking.

  13. I certainly enjoyed reading your poetry. Bonsai are such interesting plants when looked after well.

  14. I once attended a few Bonsai sessions, The plant all we novices started out with was a 'ficus friendly' The enthusiasm, the hype and finally the let done when my plant died. I cried. but the luv it put into the process was worth the while

    Thanks for linking to Monday WRites

    much love...