Monday, January 2, 2017

He was not entirely blameless but ...

                                                                                                      Attribution: Ross
Image: Caged up (here)

Brenda's 12 given words:
always back bang  ball  bruise muffled 
demon mean cruel cost hang boot

Elizabeth's given word:  finish

He had always been reminded
to come  back with a bang

The ball was at his feet
His bruised ego took a beating
He could only register muffled protests
All because  a demon of a guy was
mean enough not to tell the whole truth

Most cruel of them to believe the spin
It had cost him time and money
Someone had done him in

He decided to hang on
He was not finished as yet
They could boot him out
for a longer time but a plea-
bargain was out of the question
It was more or less admitting guilt
He would have none of it!

He was not entirely blameless but
he should not take the full brunt of
the rap in its entirety alone.

The mastermind was let off easy
on technicalities and he was sick
to the bones thinking about it

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #280
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 40  -  finish
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #334


  1. It's hard when one has to take the entire blame, although perhaps they had a part to play.
    Excellently written Hank.

  2. Being sick as a parrot is never a good place to be in! Happy new year to you Hank

  3. Happy New Year, Hank

    I can see injustice on this piece. No one could ever describe the feelings of a fall guy..

  4. Being the patsy would sure never be fun.

  5. "The mastermind was let off easy", not surprising as it is the way of the world...sigh...a happy new year Hank...

  6. What an awful frustration. I bet parrots, birds feel that way when they're so innocent yet caged.
    Have a Happy New Year Hank.

  7. Poor bird! Hopefully a reprieve for time Served? Thanks for the smile, Hank.

  8. One should always try to take responsibility for their actions. Well penned, Hank :) Happy New Year 🍸

  9. You have brought out the grey situation very well.
    Happy new year my friend! :)

  10. If you play with fire you will get burnt and have no one to blame but yourself. If you are wondering why the caged bird sings it is because he is fed and watered and is no danger but just not free!

  11. Again, a sort of novel in verse – most intriguing.

  12. Very well constructed.
    (now there's us. What would we do?}

  13. An intriguing tale indeed and clever use of the words. Happy New Year.

    Click to view my Sunday Whirl!

  14. Some guys never seem to pay for their crimes, do they?

  15. Love that hanging "but" in this (as in, He was not entirely blameless but ...) - so true of much of life.

  16. Most of the time no one person is to blame for terrible things, but the world loves a scapegoat. Cool poem!