Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Motherly instinct - a Haibun

                                                                       Attribution: Лъчо at Bulgarian Wikipedia
Image: Adorable pair (here)

Hank's sister two years younger has been unusually happy
these last few days  A nine-year-old tended to be a little
secretive. It would not be easy to understand them. She
used to be grumpy and often hid herself in her room sulking
when things did not come her way. We were quite used to it.
This morning I caught a glimpse of her rushing across the
lounge and disappeared into the store-room hiding something
behind her back. It was very unlike her. She used to confide
to me whenever she got into jams. I gave her about fifteen
minutes before swinging open the store-room door. She
would have jumped up surprised but not this time. She was
 composed, and whispered, 'be quiet!' in an authoritative
manner, at the same time pointing to some old rags at the
corner. Something stirred beneath and out popped two little
heads, the cutest I had seen. 'brought some food, Mom not 
aware of them. Jane gave them to me a week ago'

There were little dolls
Cut off from reality
Motherly instinct

Grace's at d'Verse with Lady Nyo's
Haibun Monday #28 -  childhood experience


  1. She was hiding two kittens - clever girl.

  2. Keeping them hidden and well cared for, way to be indeed. But sure mom will find out soon haha

  3. I hope she was able to keep those kittens.

  4. Ah the innocence of little kittens with their softness, purrs, and impish ways! Wonderf what happened to them? Did you keep them til they were grown?

  5. So cute a story Hank ~ How nice of her and yet, these mother's instincts are strong ~

  6. Cats are so smart...so darn cute, too. Thanks for sharing, Hank.

  7. This was a very sweet story... and I almost felt that you felt that your little sister had outgrown you a bit...

  8. Aw, very tender....and definitely there's a mother instinct there :-)

  9. The picture... The background... The composition...
    Is this heaven?

  10. haha - she was hiding the kittens and you handled the situation purrfectly...;)

  11. Awww, I can relate to that - would try to feed and care for all of the cats in the neighbourhood, since my parents wouldn't let me have one of my own.