Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Oblivious of contending looks

                                                                                          Attribution: SandyCole 
Image: Elegance of the Wild (here)

the 3WW given words:
misogynist (woman-hater sexist)
neophyte (novice beginner, learner)

Poets United

Oblivious of contending looks
Attesting to curiosity of his intentions
He was not entirely affected
Neither was he bothered

He had taken a stand
So he had decided
He was not about to back-track
Nor was he keen on an about-turn

Me, a misogynist?
No, I admire women
I long for their presence
their upkeep and frailty
their sweet caresses and humor
not a neophyte though but
matured enough

Sweet banter of light moments
What I wouldn't give for resurgence
of innocence of youth

Yes, unity in thinking
and succulent exchange of ideas
The elegance that both enjoy!
Never a dull moment
Astound me, yes!

Thomg's 3WW week #515
Susan's at PU's Mid-week Motif   -  unity


  1. I am smiling. I love the tone in this poem.......especially the energy at the end. That is one cool looking swan.

  2. You got me smiling, too. Right when I was about to harangue you for a stereotypical view of women, you caught me up in dreams of youth and innocence. Very good!

  3. The best things are worth waiting for

  4. An absolutely exquisite write, Hank!💜

  5. "Never a dull moment" see?...the swan steals my heart too :)

  6. Now that was delightful to read this morning before going to work...thank you! Cheryl-Lynn

  7. A little banter sure can go a long way.