Thursday, September 24, 2015

Your person cries out in desperation

                                                                                               Attribution: Chris Buet
Image: Clear Blue Skies of an Evening Sun (here)

You look up to the heavens above
Seeking consolation for your being
The sky is blue an instinct tugs
at your realms of imagination
The best there is of a weather
on a silver platter given
But this not what you had desired
Your person cries out in desperation
Please hear me!
I need to drown my sorrows

Sadly nature is against your will
it will not release rain to soothe 
the parched earth of your soul**
You are at the end of your tether
Your patience begins to take an ugly turn
You've been hurt many times
Are you to take it again?

You reflected a moment
There is more to life to think about
Yes, you are now acting more rational
You had wished to draw the line across
and this should be it!

'Give yourself a chance' your conscience whispers
'a second chance'
Yes, give yourself a chance
'Swallow your pride' it whispers

It now helps you to decide
Yes, you are going back to her
to make up!

** Inspired by Without You ~ Nishka Ramkhelawan (here)

For Kerry's hosting at Real Toads with -  let's go back to school
where 'one is to select a poem of one of the young writers as an
inspiration for one' own poem.


  1. This is fabulous, Hank. A cry from the heart we can all relate to. Thank you for reading and participating.

  2. A learning poem, from heartbreak to much less desperation. I felt the change in the sounds of your poem as well.

  3. Sometimes rational does go out the window, but when we stop and think things look better

  4. Yes, give yourself a chance
    'Swallow your pride' it whispers
    It now helps you to decide............... I hope that works out. Sometimes we miss so much by not swallowing our pride. Nicely done.

  5. I love the idea that "instinct tugs" at the imagination. Well done.

  6. A wonderful depiction with that Hollywood moment, a happy end.. you can change your mind.

  7. Sometimes we look outward for signs, but all we need is a moment of quiet in the soul to really hear what it is we desire.

  8. You had me worried as despair tightened its grip, but wisely you & the protagonist chose the path of positive possibilities, sidestepping the alternative.

  9. An excellent verse Hank with so much thought and inspiration going into it.

  10. Oh that back and forth go back or not...sometimes the answer is clear. Nicely played, Hank.

  11. A wonderful poem. I like the way you wove the young poet's lines in with yours and especially love the hope in "Give yourself a chance."