Monday, September 14, 2015

that is how he cowers in the corner

                                                                                          Attribution: Rebeca Sygnus
Image: The Wasp Hunter (here)

MLMM the given words:
grate (​noise or ​behavior that annoys)
stygian (dark or gloomy infernal; hellish.)
geminate (to make or become doubled or paired)
torsion (the act of twisting of a body by two equal and opposite torques.)
razorwine (extremely potent alcoholic beverage)
rare silence sour technicolor inept puppet

it grates his stoic stature
not believing a loving menace
can be stygian in its nuisance

they strategically geminate
to provide a strong attack
by a spectacular show of torsion
to effect a deadly sting

madness of a razorwine onslaught
is telling on his being
rare in its occurrence but still
he suffers in silence 
sour of mood

hallucinations in brilliant technicolor 
inept as a blundering puppet
that is how he cowers in the corner

must find a way to stage a creditable defense
or he'll forever be reduced
to a blob of a man in the face of a pugilistic
tae-kwon-do black belt holder

how he regrets in not checking
such 'finer details' before marriage

For Marian's hosting at Real Toad's  - the tuesday platform
MLMM's Wordle #78 with the given words and
MLMM's  Photo challenge #78


  1. Ha.. there are those details in the marriage certificate.. a mans responsibility can be a phobia,

  2. Have to read the fine print that doesn't even show before to the marriage life you go haha

  3. The closing lines say it all..! Excellent write :D

  4. oops... trouble in paradise. Nice use of difficult words!

  5. Great poem to use those given words. Well done Hank'

  6. That first stanza is full of gravel and fire. It's as if the whole poem is told through clenched teeth... which made things weird because I had to burst out laughing at the end. Brilliant!

  7. How come he didn't know this before? She is good at keeping secrets

    Much love...

  8. Oh my that ending packs a punch! Very well-written this and very nice/vivid use of the words!


  9. Lots of tension and a great use of the list words, Hank.

  10. Yowza, those are some pretty rough words!

  11. Whoa....this is madness and brilliance! You dazzle us in both ways~