Saturday, September 12, 2015

A sacrifice to do good for others

                                                                                         Attribution: Adityamadhav83
Image: Gold fish gliding in the water.(here)

He seeks solace but dumb in his bid
Seeing the goldfish that leisurely glides
its fins in wavy movements
He feels the nearness of nature's blessings
Heart surreptitiously gaining strength of purpose
Wicked desire to light the life
A sacrifice to do good for others

Wherefore the cawing of the crows
Not unduly hungry but from up the trees
it is a show of its presence
Many may want to emulate
To enhance their nuisance value
Standing by the street corners
Smiling incessantly at shoppers
gallantly crossing the street
whizzing in and out in between traffic
genuinely frightened
A sacrifice wantonly at great risks

Wherefore the likes of the homeless
Who went to the rescue of the fallen lady
crying on the pavement
whose life hung by the thread
A gunman at the ready menacingly
with a pistol at her head
The homeless lunged forward took the bullet
in his heart and a life on the pavement was saved
A sacrifice unselfishly expended

Was that how to help others?
Must it be one to one?
A life lost for a life saved?

Note: Thanks Grace, Ma'am!

For Grace's farewell hosting gracefully sacrificed
the last two years at Real Toad's with Sunday's Mini
Challenge  -  to emulate Thom Gunn's poetry


  1. He was such a brave man to save the fallen lady ~ Whatever was his journey before, he will be remembered as a courageous man, willing to sacrifice for others ~

    Thanks very much for your participation Hank ~ See you around the blogger world ~

  2. Indeed, many thoughts of a life sacrificed to save another,.. This is a question to haunt us long afterwards.

  3. A trade off of one for another really does make you think.

  4. A really interesting combination of circumstances, Hank--from the watchers to doers, doers of good and evil-- very thought-provoking, thanks. k .

  5. This just became my new favourite of yours, Hank.

  6. This was truly thought provoking poem Hank, beautifully written, Thanks for sharing,

  7. To give your life for another is the ultimate gift. Such a beautiful poem illustrating such a sacrifice.

  8. I like the intensity of the questions you poise in the closing, Hank.