Sunday, September 13, 2015

At a glance it was rather obvious

                                                                                           Attribution : aline smithson
Image : Courtesy of Tess' Mag #285 (here)

APED's given words:
glance kiss life window red 
heal right brush cross

At a glance it was rather obvious
That a kiss of life was well in order
The state of neglect was preposterous
It was due now for a serious makeover

The French window could well remain
A new coat of paint to liven things up
With hues of red to rightly regain
Its stature of an abode of higher-ups

To heal the hurt of the previous occupants
Only right work to start as it was already late
Was it a parakeet then that had sadly flown
Or a brush with the Tom cat sealed its fate

Should the new cage look spectacular
To incorporate elements of functionality
A cross of the old and modern to feature
Only then fulfilled its individuality

For Tess' hosting at Magpie Tales #285 and
Vinay's APED with Wordle #82


  1. A cross between two can bring individuality ino play. Unless a tomcat gets in the way haha

  2. Great write Hank, most imaginative with the given words.

  3. Fine, well thought-out response to the prompt.

  4. Haha. Those are feathers, arent they.


  5. A cross of the old and modern to feature
    Only then fulfilled its individuality

    fell in love with these..

  6. Very nice, Kaykuala - I enjoyed this read immensely

  7. The idea of a "new cage"puts quite an interesting spin on this descriptive story.

  8. Oh.. some things are more than a splash of paint to fix,

  9. A kiss of life will breathe new energy into the home...sprucing things up a bit I might add...

  10. I really liked your creativity in the poem. Good use of the prompt wordle

  11. imaginative and creative, a well written piece, liked it

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