Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Blonde or a Brunette?

                                                                                        Artist: Hasegawa Settei (1878)
Image: Japanese Lady Playing the koto (here)

Note: 1 Apologies! The prompt calls for a dialog. This was submitted earlier
to Poets United a different crowd from d'Verse (only Mary and Sanaa had
seen this then) Hope it is ok.

Note: 2 Sherry's challenge is to describe a watershed moment
commonly understood as a moment in time, after which
nothing is ever the same.(friendly banter while cruising in the car)

They are supposed to be dumb do you know that?
Yes, been told time and again but I don't subscribe to stereo-typing

Well, no rustling of leaves if there is no breeze
I have to choose and I aim for a good choice so I may take time

Ok, it is your palate, your taste
Two choices, an American or Italian blonde!

What! ok, I'm listening
But for either it is going to be heavy!

Steak or pasta, yes that's heavy. What about 
the brunette you talked about
Going Oriental, yes why not!

It is either kim chee or sushi
Orientals are basically similar it is a toss-up, either way

But they are lighter not heavy like an Italian 
mama with a big behind fed on pasta!
It is a defining moment a watershed moment so to speak!

You can live with it, with a Japanese?
Yes, should be ok
Happy Anniversary, my darling My take this year!

That's settled then! For our next years's
dinner, I will make the choice
For now let's make a bee-line for the
chic Japanese Restaurant by the corner
(23 lines)

For Sherry's hosting at PU's Midweek Motif  -  watershed moments and
Victoria's at d'Verse MTB  - What's that you're saying?


  1. Well, I'm with you.....a Japanese restaurant sounds like the perfect choice. If it really is your anniversary, do have a happy one!

  2. LOL....a portentous decision indeed.........I so enjoyed this, Hank. It made me smile. Thanks so much!

  3. I like your conclusion - let's GO!

  4. What a way to discuss cuisine! I was actually a little shocked until I got to the end. And I think that was the effect you wanted! Happy anniversary.

  5. Never be afraid to try something new.

  6. Chinese, Japanese, Swedish or American... you're all invited! Blue is color-blind. Good morning, Hank. Ah... those watershed moments... I remember each and every one of them.

    Have fun today :)


  7. Such an enjoyable read :D Happy anniversary :D

  8. Talking about food - funny!
    Happy anniversary, Hank.

  9. a good one anniversary :)

  10. haha a workable ending indeed. If it's your anniversary, hope you have a great one.

  11. What a delightful and heart warming piece, well written indeed.

  12. An anniversary - well I will have to say congrats...this was fun to I want Chinese take out..

  13. Hank - what a delightful way you go about choosing a restaurant for a special date.

    Cleverly written and Happy Anniversary

  14. I liked the playful mood of this, Hank. For a while I thought it was going to be a risqué, but then I had to smile as the poem concluded. Happy anniversary wishes, if they are appropriate.

  15. I felt like I was in the backseat, listening in. It is playful and familiar to those of us married. And now I'm hungry and it's getting close to dinner time here on the West Coast.

  16. Ah.. food defining culture
    and behind the cooks
    that make it are
    always wonderful
    women of all
    kinds and
    i'll leave
    it at that
    to eat

  17. Once again.. an excellent poem Hank :D
    Have a nice weekend!! :D

  18. Whether or not is actually your anniversary, or this is just clever poetic conversation is not important; for the poem shines on its own & clever merits. Maybe I'll try a version of this come next April 3rd (23rd anniversary).

  19. Happy anniversary ~ Enjoy the food & cheers ~

  20. What a lesson to us not to pre-suppose a poem until we read it all! I'll take Japanese cuisine any day. Anyone for sake??

  21. a wise choice, that's the best of food.. And in great company too.

  22. Happy Anniversary. Light and playful. I wonder how you would have described Indian food :)