Sunday, September 27, 2015

Furtively through her heart though prancing

                                                                                    Attribution: Gerrit Photography
Sunday Whirl the given words:
sighs mess spin music dressed 
system visit kick level trump bust

Sighs of dismay permeated her thinking
Racing through the mess cluttering her mind
Furtively through her heart though prancing
Happily on with a spin of good music to dine

But alone ostensibly busy facing the screen
Dressed but chained at both hands disabled
Anxious her system inside beginning to scream
Visit long awaited but nowhere seemed probable

Kicked up a fuss earlier preparing a hot meal
To a level beyond that she was used to do
Trying to trump a good impression to seal
a relationship well nurtured and way overdue

Heat of romance seemingly like a hot summer day
Overwhelmed with a cloak of floating snow flakes
Was it going to be a bust his presence a long delay
She was stood up again by yet another of the fakes

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #218 and
Tess' Magpie Tales #287


  1. Aaaa... the many intricate webs of loving and possibly loving. Beautifully captured.

  2. To nurture love with keyboards can be both easy and hard.

  3. Risky business computer dating and only marginally better than getting sloshed at a bar and ending up with who knows whom.

  4. Beautifully astringent, acerbic - one might almost say caustic.

  5. As always your title is as glorious as the poem itself - nicely done Hank!

  6. Dating is a pain in the butt, especially online dating

  7. A cloak of floating snow flakes... I like that. I don't miss dating one bit. It's exhausting.

  8. Love the title, love the poem as always Hank. Well done.

  9. What can I add to the praise you have received? Brilliant, thought provoking, a gem!

    This story scared me and I wrote it!

  10. Ah, tangled up in love. Good one, Hank!

  11. More digital shafting , alas , so common today

  12. Those darn fakes! Not again. Bravo on making your words work perfect!

  13. Intense, in so many ways. It weaves through complexities. Great piece!