Tuesday, September 8, 2015

all towering listlessly over his head

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag #284 (here)

Sunday Whirl given words:
bridge skirt teeth cell poor friends tower 
money organs signal DNA pond

A bridge too far
So he thought muddled
Wild ideas fleeting in his mind
Skirting over locked gates
Gritting his teeth
He could not sail over them

He assailed his options
For having lost his cell phone
Poor soul he was not able to call his friends
Problem, problems 
all towering listlessly over his head
A load of bricks numbing his conscience

What could he possibly do
With no money it wickedly 
transformed in his mind
perhaps to beg
but that would take time 
to garner a sizeable amount 

As an easy way out perhaps 
to donate his organs 
but he was not made out to beg
nor had he the guts to donate 
precious little of his person
It signaled an outright no-no

Aha! what about 'money the root of all evils'
no, he had not the guts again
to break the law
his DNA said it loud and clear

He decided to swallow his pride
Ponds, rivers and the seas to overcome
To look up his loving mother
Left in a huff but he would be coming back!

For Tess' hosting at Mag Tales #284 and
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #215


  1. I can understand why his mother may have turned him out to begin with..let's hope she is wise enough to turn him away again!

  2. Money sure can make people do dumb things. Some people need a push

  3. Some people never seem to learn to stand on their own two feet

  4. Really enjoyed this absolutely unique take on the prompt.
    Well done!


  5. Wow, you saw a lot in that image. Like a slow descent of a desperate man...

  6. Soon it will soothe his troubled mind ...

  7. Aahhh... Nothing like a good Mum when the chips are down. Hope Mum receives him warmly then arranges for him to muster some responsibility.