Sunday, September 20, 2015

They are happy lapping on the goodies

                                                                                             Attribution: Tess Kincaid
Image 1 Looking through the Glass Panel  (here)

                                                              Attribution: Bureau of Land Management
Image: 2 Wyoming's Pronghorn, fastest land animal
in North America, running up to 55 mph (here)

Sunday Whirl given words:
dash deny evict flee free nick scent 
subside threat trick try valley

We pronghorn can make a dash for it
No denying we are the fastest around here
We do not suffer the luxury of eviction
Free to flee in the nick of time

Just a whiff of your stained scent
Of which we are excellently endowed
The smell of your kind do not subside 
You are a threat to mankind

Your tricks expended very generously
A good try on the gullible
Can be seen through the glass panel
How they suffer and beg for the crumbs
How you twist them around your fingers
They are happy lapping on the goodies
Not realizing they've been had

Who are you?
You are just like us
When scraping the barrel

But then you turn into a monster
When the greenbacks begin to ooze out of your ears
We have no place for you in this valley!

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl Wordle # 217
and Tess' at Magpie Tales #286


  1. yeah - one must draw the line at oozing greenbacks!

  2. Who knows if the humans are digging the earth for themselves by playing with nature!

  3. We are all alike when scraping the barrel...survival is sometimes necessary wherever we maybe

  4. Innovative, creative, imaginative, effective...

  5. Loved the photo, also a great poem to read. Loved the post Hank.

  6. We've all been to the bottom of the barrel at some point

  7. its interesting trying to get into the mind of these creatures; though our mindset will merge with theirs; a very creative write

    have a nice Monday
    Shy Moon

    much love...

  8. Digging for oil. I'm sure that would mess up the area.
    I think that photo is actually of a mule deer. Pronghorn only have two 'horns.'

    1. Thanks Alex. I don't really know. The caption says it is a pronghorn. I was suspiciously thinking it was a stag of some kind, too!


  9. Humans evict animals without a care, many greedy ones at least. The bottom of the barrel is never fun.

  10. Somehow we always seem to follow the trail of destructiveness.. there are people who should be exposed to those horns.

  11. Great take on the prompts and totally different which I love!

    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  12. Thems animal spirits , Hank ! Gday mate

  13. Very thought-provoking. Nicely done, Hank.

  14. That is some effort doing all those at once! Bravo!

  15. Very deep, and enjoyable and bravo on making the words work!

  16. So compelling, so true:
    "Who are you?
    You are just like us
    When scraping the barrel"