Wednesday, September 16, 2015

He labored hard just to utter the joy

                                                                                             Attribution: Zantay Aniko
Image: Nordic walking as a form of exercise! (here)

Sunday Whirligig: the given words:
dazzling birthday weapons, sparks eroding 
rot resentments choking stumps gates
pared (reduced by large amount)

3WW: the given words:
noxious (harmful unpleasant)

What a dazzling birthday bash

What would be next!
What should change today
that was different from yesterday
Were there changes to be made
to bring benefits for a lifetime

With weapons at the ready he scoured the 'Net
Sparks should fly to make it effective
so he thought but 'hold your horses'

He took a step back and reflected
No it should not and needn't be
It should not be eroding to contain the rot
Nor should it cause resentments

Choking back tears he thought again
then he  exclaimed, 'I've found it!'
He labored hard just to utter the joy
Changes within seconds to benefit for a lifetime
Exactly what he would do

What could he do to reduce stress for instance
Apparently just laugh it off and smile more
All could be done within seconds
Perhaps hug someone dear and stress would disappear
Stand up, walk about, not too long facing the screen

Stumps in his head he ought to open the gates
Raise the feet against the wall
to cause the blood to flow down to the head

What about the blubber around the girth to be pared off
Within seconds off around the neighborhood on foot
Mindful though of noxious fumes from car exhausts
He must not be haphazard as before
And perhaps turn vegetarian for some days in the week

Little changes within seconds as a birthday resolution

It was a good move!
It was simple!

For Toni's hosting at d'Verse : Poetics:  changes
MMT's at Sunday's Whirligig #25 and
Thomg's at 3WW week 445
Rosemary's at PU's Midweek Motif 


  1. I am impressed...combining so many"Changes within seconds to benefit for a lifetime" says it all...also love the title....

  2. Now this is multitasking! Thank you so much for responding to my prompt and what a pleasure it was to read this.

  3. Change for the better is always a good thing. Love the positive motion of your poem Hank

  4. You have combined all the prompts to such good effect. A lot of positive reflection going on in this poem. I enjoyed reading it, Hank.

  5. Such a powerhouse of talent you are Hank :D
    Gorgeous poem :D

  6. You certainly know how to use "The Given Words" another great poem Hank.


  7. There is never any birthday too old too new
    or to restricted to one day a year..
    or even one now..
    to celebrate a
    new life..
    to change
    to be all we
    can be to
    live in
    boot camp
    always with
    a challenge of
    now where head
    meets pillow
    each night
    in relaxing
    ways of
    living life NOW..:)

  8. I never plotted changes on my birthday, but I can see doing it--especially if it's simple. I suspect you of sarcasm though--a few seconds, Ha!

  9. Sometimes simple changes can improve a life greatly!

  10. Walking is an exercise that most people can do but it can make a very positive change in how you feel. Or just smiling and giving a hug. I like this, Hank...nice birthday reflections.

  11. My birthday is coming up. Don't think I'll try to make half as many changes, though change will surely happen. Enjoyed reading this Hank.

  12. I little extra walking can sure go a long way indeed. Never made changes on my birthday, just do them when need be.

  13. A lot going on at once here ;)..great advice on change.

  14. Wow, Hank, you are amazing! Superb outcome,

  15. The title alone made me smile...yes small steps every day..the best gift we can give ourselves

  16. this stanza sounded just like me:

    What can he do to reduce stress for instance
    Apparently just laugh it off and smile more
    All can be done within seconds
    Perhaps hug someone dear and stress will disappear
    Stand up, walk about, not too long facing the screen

    that's why I love this poem. so on point! good job!

  17. Reading this the word "frenetic" came to mind, though I'm not sure why. Peace, Linda

  18. Yes, birthdays and New Years always times of reflection and evaluation. Nice, Hank

  19. Birthdays are a better time to reflect than new years.

  20. simple deeds performed every day adds a natural charm to life and what better change can one present to self than a positive change. Beautifu

  21. We are always changing. Somedays we must make a little more change if we are going to continue on. Always make time for the important things. So that we in the end know we have lived an authentic life. It is the smallest things that add up.

  22. To do something, anything at all, is better than doing nothing.

  23. I had a good laugh at the blubber around the girth. I really hope he finds the courage and discipline to pare some of it off!


  24. Ah, that pesky "blubber around the girth"---that is rather bothersome :-(