Thursday, August 4, 2016

You did it Norman, Well Done! - a Haibun

Image: Norman Hazrin proudly taking
the Oath of Office this morning.

Note: A Haibun comprises a prose and a poem together (in this case a 
Prose and a Haiku of a 5-7-5 syllable count)

The Prose
The family heard it in whispered contention not really verbalized out loud.
There were a flurry of activities in the house in preparation for 'something'.
Something brewing but not made known in specifics. This happened in
recent days when Norman Hazrin my eldest grandson was getting himself
prepared for an important interview. Some few odd things were purchased
so that he would good and all the works.

Norman is a cool guy, never to make anything and everything to be such a
big hoo-ha. Even until last night when he had been told by the school of the
coveted appointment, we at home heard it from his loving brother Norhezry
Hakimie and not directly from him.

This morning we were inundated with a barrage of calls from friends to
look up the FB posting of Norman's proud Mom, Hank's eldest daughter
Azlin Adura. There was the snapshot above and a host of congratulatory

Yes, Norman Hazrin Hank's eldest grandson is the new Head Prefect
of the SMKTTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail Secondary School) for the
2016/17 session. (It is variously known as School Captain or Head Boy
at other schools) The SMKTTDI is a major school in the suburbs of the
city ably helmed by a charming Headmistress, Madam Majidah

You certainly kicked it up a notch, Norman!
This augurs well for the future!

The Haiku
Unpolished diamond (5)
Glint of promising future (7)
Go for it! Norman (5)

Note: Apologies! This is not a revamp of an old poem
as required but Hank reckons it tallies with the prompt
of a notch up.

For Victoria's at d'Verse's MTB - kicking it up a notch


  1. Congrats to Norman and also how proud you must be Hank.

  2. Big congratulations to your grandson! I know you are proud of him.

  3. Big congrats to him indeed. Being tops is sure quite the achievement

  4. Great accomplishment for Norman and all of you who encouraged him, Hank!

  5. Apologies! Hank is on the road. Will make up with comments shortly!


  6. Congratulations Hank!! :D Lovely write.

  7. a hearty congratulation to've so cutely celebrated the success Hank :)

  8. Bravo! An excellent use of the prompt under the circumstances. :)