Sunday, August 21, 2016

what kind of weapons would they use

                                                                                         Attribution: Blackmapapa
Image: Boiled but not peeled off yet (here)

we were promised of a shoot-out of some sort
wonder what kind of weapons would they use
there was a mad scramble but the participants
downed them bowl by bowl some without munching
each bowl containing an equal number and the one who
ended with the most empty bowls was declared the winner

their tummies now bloated some were burping
not what we came to see as there was no shoot-out 
it was a competition to gulp most number of boiled eggs

For Kerry's Mini Poetry of less than 10
lines at Real Toad's -  not what we came to see


  1. Haha. What a shoot out! I don't understand the concept of eating competitions honestly. But whatever makes people roll.
    A quirky write. :-)

  2. I think by about the fifth egg I'd be ready to throw up.

  3. I think there might be a shoot out the day after... lots of egg can give upset stomachs...

  4. Wow! Such a spectacle could put me off eggs for life!

  5. Gah. I can feel the dry mouths from here. Smiles.

  6. I was definitely not expecting the stinky aftermath. *giggles*

  7. Oh my...I don't know how anyone could do it or watch. I'm feeling ill. lol

  8. Eating too many boiled eggs. I can't imagine. I hope they had water to wash them down. Maybe a bit of salt too. haha

  9. I'd lose right away, blah to eggs I say haha

  10. All those 'he-men' came for a test of manlyness and here was a sissy game that girls could play too.

  11. Woooo!!! what a competition and what a description, I loved the ending:)

  12. Wonderful to read Hank, most descriptive.

  13. I think I would be sorely disappointed too, and I think I would be put of eggs forever...
    Anna :o]